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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gratitude Overload

We are home and back to reality from an unbelievable weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I'm still on severe sensory and emotional overload, so it will be a few days before Shawn and I post our individual race reports and pictures. As with our Marine Corps Marathon recaps, our reflections of Ironman will be vastly different from each other, but with the same result: accomplishing the hardest thing we've ever done with smiles on our faces!

First and foremost, I am grateful to Raul and Tracy Najera who took over this blog on race day and gave constant updates and uploaded the wonderful photos! Seriously, I just thought that they would toss out a sentence or two. You see the look on my face in the black and white photo below as Raul is showing me the blog and my race splits. I was overwhelmed to say the least by their enthusiasm and generosity. They even captured the finish on video, which I will hopefully be able to share soon!

Plus, I also had a great time sharing a house with them and the Boohers. James was our primary resident chef (and Ironman!) for the weekend whipping up pastas, homeade biscuits and pancakes. FYI--he, Diane and Benjamin will be my Ironman housemate for the rest of our careers!

I'm so grateful to have met so many members of my Erin Baker's Tri teammates as well. Three of them qualified for Kona. Yeah--that's the league those folks are in. I've got a lot to learn from them! In addition to those wonderful athletes from around the country, I also met some wonderful blog friends including Spokane Al who surprised me at Athlete Check-in, as well as Dave and Meredith from Columbus!

Last and certainly not least, I'm in a mound of debt to my T3 teammates, coaches and supporters who made the trip to lend support. I feel like we've been to hell and back as a team and I'm so proud and honored to know every one of you. The post-party at our house was overwhelming because so many of us went from, "How the hell could I possibly do this?!" to "We did it!!" I really didn't have the words, so I just ate cupcakes and cookies instead...and drank wine.

Certainly more to come as I re-enter the gravitational force of earth again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

If I have any advice for people I'd say, "Never underestimate yourself."


Herring on Land said...

congrats on the awesome finish, i cant wait to read the race report!

Mercedes said...

goosebumps, Carrie. This post gave me goosebumps! You both did an amazing job at IM CDA. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

greyhound said...

Isn't Spokane Al just the best? He's one I'd do well to imitate, in lots of ways beyond triathlon.

Oh, and YOU drank WINE??!! Total shocker, that one.

Molly said...

Awesome job out there! I was hanging with Meredith all day and screaming for you every time you went by. Congrats!!!

CoachLiz said...

I cannot wait to read your race report!

Shorey said...

Very cool! I saw you finish & your smile was HUGE! (I only know your face from photos on your blog)

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

you are amazing! hope to do my first at CDA in 2 years! hope you are there too!