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Friday, January 29, 2010

I've Taken More Steroids Recently Than Most Major League Baseball Players!

Ahhh....the drugs going into the hip joint!

"Good Lord woman, what the hell is wrong with you????"

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that in the last six months, I'd be on my own private yacht by now. I promise I'm not making up this injury and secretly training in secret for my breakthrough performance at Oceanside 70.3!! (although my low level of training may be my best plan ever!) Somedays I write that I'm at the doctor or physical therapist. Other days I brag about my 40 mile bike ride and 9 mile run. I'm as schizophrenic as the next person at this injury. I know my diagnosis (or diagnoses) as it were.  I've got a hip labral tear and herniated disk putting pressure on L5 nerves which has been affecting my lower back and leg...both on the right side...since last summer.  
I've been calling this my "little problem child." Somedays, my hip hurts constantly, but never to the point where I can't walk, function or even exercise. In fact, I'm impressed with the level of activity I've been able to maintain. Other days, my leg and sciatic are feeling goofy (or heavy, burning or numb). Still other days, I wake up feeling like I could run a marathon...until I actually start running. Up to this point, I've treated them both medically and beyond. In December, I had an epidural spinal injection in my back which has helped a little bit. Just yesterday, I had a cortisone shot in my right hip.  I've been the most excited about this diagnostic test. It's not a permanent fix. In the long run, a cortisone shot can actually damage and weaken the joint. I just wanted some relief...in a huge way. I want to feel the sensation of running with no hip joint pain. Or, at least see if it's possible again.
I'm becoming buds with the peeps over at Central Park Surgery Center (where Lance had his clavicle operated on last year). They went to take my blood pressure in the pre-op area, but the machine wouldn't even register a blood pressure because my resting heart rate was so low. Yay!! Low 40s... It finally registered a 110/65. Cool. At least that's some good news. You can definitely tell I'm not overtraining. 
The hip injection was a piece of cake. Five minutes tops. Thank goodness for numbing solution! One of the ER takes took photos on my iPhone. I told them I needed them for blogging and twitter posterity. Yes, I'm a dork.
They took my blood pressure afterward and the machine keep giving me the same beeping noise. Finally, it registered at a perfect 120/80. Nurse gave me the gold star of the morning. Amazing what a little positive affirmation can do, especially since I've been feeling less than adequate in the athlete world. At least I've got some good healthy numbers!

Right leg felt heavy and numb for several hours yesterday afternoon, but I followed Doctor's orders and went for a 30 minute run (re: jog) around 3pm. I'm happy to report that my hip joint didn't hurt at all!!! Ah....Actually, I take that back. It hurt where they did the needle injection, but the chronic soreness was NOT there. I'm guessing I was trotting along at 10:00 min miles, so I wasn't trying to force it. Of course, I came home and hopped on the Computrainer for about 45 minutes. There was a little soreness, but it was mostly on my quad and front of my foot/ankle. Could that be my back flaring up and shooting down the L5? Could it be a little tendonitis? This is what we're trying to figure out before moving forward with any surgery.
In the meantime, I'll head back to some PT and traction next week. I'm also going to hit Bikram yoga a couple of times a week along with my regular routine of swimming, riding and a little running.

I've now interviewed three surgeons in Austin and received some great feedback from a local anesthesiologist (not my hubster--although his advice, guidance and support has been amazingly invaluable. I can't even tell you. He listens to ailment complaints all day and then comes home and never forgets to ask about mine). The anesthesiologist said that hip scopes are "notoriously difficult."  Yes, that was his quote. Tables, angles, surgery centers and the surgeon itself are huge factors to consider. Is Austin even the best place? Put it this way, I'd hate to have a hip scope only to find that my back has been giving me the most grief. I'd also hate to pursue a dangerous back surgery if it's my hip. So, in this respect, the muddied waters continue and the diagnostic tests continue. So, do my dorky photos and updates!!
Thumbs Up for the Steroid Injection!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dr's Orders: go for short run to test the effects of the hip cortisone shot. 30 min max...rain and wind starting, but it's a chance to run!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hola Routine!

Back from four days in Mexico and I've decided that I want to try a new social experiment. I want to find an all-inclusive resort who will put me up for 30 days just to see what happens when I don't have to cook, clean, or even think...Where the only decision I have to make is what restaurant I want to attend for the next meal, or which book I want to read next, or whether I want to take another nap or go to yoga.  I wonder how much damage you can do to your body in 30 days at a resort where food and drinks are provided at a whim. I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice for the rest of us. You're welcome.  

Actually, I think once the gluttonous "you mean I can eat or drink as much as I want?!" mentality wore off (which it does after about day 2), I'd probably be craving my usual routine. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I couldn't survive without my bike and Computrainer. While we definitely were enjoying the food and drinks (call the vegan police--I did have lobster one night), we also found plenty of time for fitness and a somewhat subdued level of activity. Believe it or not, we sought out a place with lap pools large enough for a decent swim workout. We checked out the fitness facilities and amenities. We even took a yoga class together and went on the resort bike ride (albeit on beat up mountain bikes at an avg of about 8 miles per hour). Does a 2 hour walk on the beach count as a workout? Hope so!  The elliptical machine got a couple of workouts as well. I wasn't a total slug.

So yes, I'm afraid to step on the scale, but I know I fared much better than about 90% of the people down there. Actually, they had a myriad vegan and veggie choices.  It was a lot easier than I thought. My main problem is kinda knowing when to put the fork down. It was hard to resist making a big salad and not follow it up with a small piece of vegan pizza...and maybe a piece or two of veggie sushi (i.e. fake sushi), followed by some fruit...well, you get the point. There was so much and I was afraid of missing out :-) They even had a "healthy choices" breakfast buffet with tofu, hummus, veggies, soy milk, green smoothies, bran cereals, egg white omelets, etc. It was humorous to watch most people walk by and give an audible "ewwwww" as they moved toward the promised land of real omelets, pancakes, bacon, sausages, etc. 

So yes, it's been another wonderful getaway that always makes me swell with gratitude (or is it my weight), but makes me grateful for coming home as well. There's something lovely with routine. In fact, I hit Costco this morning and made some meals for the rest of the week. I actually enjoyed cooking after not having to think about it for a few days.  I hope that we don't stop drinking rice milk and eating quinoa anytime soon, because I now have enough for about three years!

The rest of this week is going to be very exciting. Tomorrow, I'm getting a shot of cortisone in my hip to see if that helps with some of my pain and discomfort. This is basically my "last resort" before I more than likely proceed to a hip scope in the near future. Alas, like a car with a mechanical problem that acts normal when you take it to the shop, my leg and hip have been feeling better than usual lately. Even after 1.5 hours on the Computrainer today, the pain and soreness is minimal and I had a really great training session on the hilly section of the Oceanside course. Definite confidence booster. Before leaving for Mexico, I had a decent (not great) 9 mile run the morning we left. I actually averaged under 9:00min/miles. Sad to think I could clip off 7:00min miles a year ago at this time and blasted a 1:33 Half Marathon. I also know that once my leg comes back, my lungs will too!!!

More health updates this week! I know they will be great! I'm starting to get excited about Oceanside 70.3. I'm confident that I can put together a solid race and proudly represent Erin Baker's Tri Team for my first race in 2010! Will I break any PR's?! Ummm....highly doubtful since my running has been miniscule at best. I just want to get off that bike and know I can put together a decent Half-Marathon. That, my friends, will be my biggest victory.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The stocked wet bar AND room service is included in the "all inclusive" portion. Mercy, mercy me. Unfortunately, the detox and lipo is not.

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Uno mas margarita, por favor!" Don't know much Spanish, but that's all I need for a wknd in Mexico. That, and however you say, "Don't shoot." Adios!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today, I Rode

Self-Portrait of a Happy Triathlete
Today, I rode.
I rode outdoors.
I rode because I wanted to and not because I had to.

I thought a lot...
...about friends who were having surgery.
...about friends who couldn't be riding with me.
...about what it meant for me to be on my bike on this beautiful January morning all by myself.
...about where I wanted it to take me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Today, I rode.
I rode fast.
I rode slow.
I climbed hills that felt like mountains.
I descended hills that felt like canyons.
The wind was in my face.
The wind was at my back.
The roads were familiar, and yet so different.

Today, I rode.
I rode outdoors.
I rode because I wanted to and not because I had to.

For that, I'm grateful.
(and a wee bit sore)

I Still Have About 14 min and 45 sec Left!!

Did you see me on TV recently?? Did you?? Did you?? Yeah--me neither really. But I was there in support of the real rock-stars, my friends who own the company Grease Monkey Wipes. They were recently featured on an episode of ABC's "The Shark Tank." If you cycle, you may have seen this product or most certainly wished you had one in your possession when you get a flat tire . They are individually wrapped degreasers for your hands and your bike. The show and their pitch was a smashing success! In the last week, their website traffic and sales and increased exponentially and they recently picked up a national distributor so they will hopefully be coming to thousands of stores near you!

Here was my brush with the famous! Yes, that "grainy" screen shot was taken from the episode and I'm on the far left in blue--trying to get some exposure for the Kestrel :-)  If you blinked, you missed it, but I'm sure my presence won't be forgotten!! Ha ha...It's what won the judges over, I'm sure.

Actually, the real stars of the night belonged to Tim Stansbury and Erin Whalen, who are the owners and geniuses behind GMW. Tim took the "numbers" approach and Erin knocked 'em dead with her "we won't let you down" closing tactic it. It worked! They wowed the Sharks and landed a $40K investment deal! Way to go Grease Monkey Wipes!  We're so happy for you!

Now, if only you would invent something that makes riding a bicycle really easy. Oh wait--they call those motorcycles. Never mind!! Time to get off the blog and get on my bike!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can You Judge a Book By Its Reader?

In 2009, I set out to read at least one book a month. No real strategy to it, but more than I'd read in a long time. I'm just not a bookworm...or a movie buff...or even a music junkie (anymore). When I lay down at night to read, I typically get about five pages done and then I'm toast.  Sometimes I even feel guilty about sitting down to read! Shouldn't I be doing something productive?? Believe me, that guilt is beginning to alleviate as the months pass. Reading IS doing something productive. It might be educational, humorous, romantic, pragmatic, spiritual, or down-right fluffy entertainment.  All of those induce some level of productivity for the mind and body.   They all also encompassed my reading selections for 2009.

January 2009

"Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson
I had to balance my 2008 Danielle Steel novel by reading a non-fiction book about the power of one human being's spirit to make a positive change in the world.  It's the story of a mountain climber who vowed to build schools in remote Pakistan after villagers cared for him after a near-death climbing experience. This one was a bit hard to get into (probably still in Danielle Steel mindset), but was tough to put down once this man's compassion began to sink in. If only the world's problems could be fixed like this...

February 2009

"My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso
If you're a runner, you are familiar with Yasso and his infamous Yasso 800 training techniques. This was a very interesting memoir written by a running legend. He tells great race stories, injuries, rates his favorite races and discusses what a love affair running can be (as brutal as she can also be).

"No Limits" by Michael Phelps
Clearly feeling the need to get inspired during Ironman training, this book was also an interesting, easy-to-read book by Phelps (and whoever really wrote it). I read this during his pre-bong days, but took away a lot of inspiration. You really get a glimpse of the sacrifices that an athlete at his level must endure (and the calories they get to eat!)

"4 Blondes" by Candace Bushnell
And back to the fluff! From the writer who gave us "Sex in the City," 4 Blondes is basically just that..."Sex in the City."

March 2009

"The Engine 2 Diet" by Rip Esselstyn
Hard to imagine that this book would've had the most profound impact on me in 2009. Who ever thought I would really engage in any type of vegan lifestyle?! Yet, here I am almost one year later and still loving the overall effects of this lifestyle (not a "diet").  The only downside is being the high-maintenance one at restaurants. Beyond that, I've enjoyed shopping, cooking and feeling the energy that comes with a plant-based whole foods lifestyle.

"Moose" by Stephanie Klein
Ironically and humorously, this is a book by Austin Author about growing up fat as a teenager and enduring summers at fat camp. While I never went to fat camp, I was a self-conscious chunkster and totally related (laughed and cried) and some of her most horrific and awkward moments. I highly recommend this book as it is both funny and poignant. FYI--the author is skinny as a rail now.

April 2009

"Fitness Swimming"by Emmett Hines
One in a never-ending series of books I read every so often about the sport that remains a mystery to me. The illustrations were good and some of the descriptions about proper technique were good reminders. Bottom Line--the written word can only get you so far. You have to actually get your ass in the water and practice.

May 2009

"There's a Slight Chance I Might Be Going to Hell" By Laurie Notaro
OK-If I could write like someone, I'd want it to be this author. She's funny as hell, self-deprecating and so damn smart. When I read her books ("Autobiography of a Fat Bride, " Idiot Girls Series...),  I picture myself as the main character. Basically, she's a mess, but always succeeds. Put any of her books on your list for a good laugh.

June 2009

"The Overachiever's Diary" by The Army Swim Team Coach
Sounds boring as shit, doesn't it?! This was actually one of the most profound and well-written books on swimming I've ever read (and I've read a few). It's basically a compilation of his emails and lessons to his athletes--things to remember, things to focus on in the water, body positioning, and visual techniques to think about (kick like Barbie Doll, swim quietly, etc). Again, nothing beats actually getting in the water, but I refer to this book a lot almost as a reference guide. In other words, it's permanently on our bathroom bookshelf.

July 2009

"Keeping Faith" by Jodi Picoult
A brilliantly written book about surviving tragedy and keeping faith...through the eyes of a child. Very powerful book, especially if you are a strong believer in the Divine. I plan on reading more of Picoult's books this year as I've already read a few in the past.

"Losing My Religion" by William Lobdell
Again, an ironic turn to my selections... This non-fiction book written by a former LA Times Religion writer (and fellow Ironman Triathlete) discusses how he went from a born-again Christian to an atheist by reporting on religion (or lack thereof) in America. He discusses various scandals throughout all religions and how the ugly truth eroded his faith.

August 2009

"Once a Runner" by John Parker, Jr
I wasn't crazy about this book, but definitely understood some of the nuances of how a sport like this and the goals you can set dictate EVERYTHING in your life...to the point of obsession.

"Then We Came to An End" Joshua Farris
Perhaps I was foreshadowing my resignation from the ad agency. This book is about an ad agency that appears to be crumbling. Accounts are being lost, people are being fired, ideas seem stale, and people's office chairs are being stolen. It was an episode of "The Office" with a bit of bittersweet sadness.  (FYI--The agency I used to work for is kicking ASS and not falling apart) :-)

"Wishful Drinking" by Carrie Fisher
I read this in about two hours in the Denver Airport. Pretty hysterical memoir about Carrie Fisher's f*cked up life. It's honest, outrageously funny and sad all at the same time. Who knew that Princess Leah had electroshock therapy for manic depression?  Growing up in Hollywood doesn't sound fun, but it made for a good book.

September 2009

"The Shack"By William Paul Young
After his daughter is murdered, the protagonist returns to the scene of the crime and meets God. Comedy ensues from there! Just kidding...it was an interesting read, but I didn't personally find it "life changing" like millions of others have. Lots to think about and it attempts to explain why bad things happen to good people.

"Official Book Club Selection" by Kathy Griffin
I'm a sucker for Kathy, what can I say? I loved reading about her childhood, her endless attempts at stand-up, her realization that she never was and never will be "the pretty one," and I loved reading about celebrity gossip!

October 2009

"Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall
This is the new "It" book in the running community that challenges everything we ever believed about running and shoes. I was inspired by the story, the science and the love that these runners have for the sport. It truly made me want to run a 100 mile trail race immediately!

"Where Are You Now" by Nora Roberts
So, I bought a quick paperback trashy novel so I could read on vacation. It was perfect fluff!

November 2009

"Honeymoon" by James Patterson
Ha Ha...Another fluff piece read on vacation in about two days!  Mystery, murder, sex, and one bitchy anagonist!! Loved it :-)

"Letters from Medjugorje" by Wayne Weibel
In June of 1981, the Virgin Mary appeared to six teenagers in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. She still appears to this very day. These are letters of people who's lives have been transformed by these powerful visits. I always need some faith rejuvenation. This book did it!

"The China Study"by T. Colin Campbell
As I continue my vegan journey, this book became a must-read. In a quick nutshell, it explains why the Chinese are healthier than Americans even though they eat more carbs and calories overall...more plant-based foods, less meat, etc. It draws a direct correlation to diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases to the standard American diet.

December 2009

"Dog On It" by Spencer Quinn
Hubster picked it up on a whim and it was one of the best books I read all year. Written from the perspective of Chet the Dog, this humorous book takes us on a journey about what it must really be like to be a doggie dectective!

"Twilight" and "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer
Not much else to say.  So far, I'm Team Jacob all the way!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

couple of hours on the bike, massage and healthy food from "My Fit Foods" in Austin. Great Saturday afternoon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Not sure which was worse: Phil's traction torture device or Eric ripping the electro pads off my butt. Either way, they now have more of money...and my dignity.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pains and Gains

I was told yesterday that I should begin keeping a "pain journal" so that I can effectively communicate with my doctors exactly where my hip/back pain is concentrated and when, where, and how it manifests. Holy shit! Whatever happened to the days of a sweet love diary, a food journal, or better yet, my humorous and irreverent "Tri to be Funny" blog?! Now, I'm reduced to recording a f*cking Pain Journal?!?!  That, in itself, is pretty hilarious. I also find it incredibly counter-intuitive to healing. 

I'm a firm believer that we bring about what we think about. We all know that the more attention we give to something (good or bad), the bigger the chance it's going to happen. When you believe something to be true, it usually becomes true. My friends Leslie, Muna and I (fellow labral tear hipsters) meet for breakfast on a regular basis. Like with most injuries, it's good to have a support team of people who understand exactly what you're going through. However, we joke that we actually feel worse when we leave because we've spent the previous hour talking about nothing but our pain, our frustrations, our impending surgeries and treatment! Humorous and ironic, but true! Therefore, the last thing I want to give attention to is a pain journal because all that means is that I'm focusing on pain. I'm thinking about it constantly. It wakes me up at night and keeps me up. Where does it hurt? What was I doing? Is it my hip? Back? Piriformis? L5? Sciatic nerve? Do I need a massage? Yoga? PT? Accupuncture? Surgery? Rest? Airrosti? Cortisone? Rolfing? Reiki? I've heard them all and I've considered them all.  I had a follow up with the spine doc yesterday and I'm meeting with potential surgeon #3 next week.

It's definitely incredibly important to communicate effectively with every health care provider I meet with. I do, after all, put all my faith and trust in them. But, I also know the power of positive thinking and keeping a "pain journal" is anything BUT positive. It only focuses on the negative. So, while I'll be journaling my little aches and pains, I'll do so from a positive viewpoint. Why? Because I wouldn't have these tweaks and pains if I wasn't MOVING...if I wasn't out there trying to make the best of a poopy situation. If I wasn't training and working out. Let's face it, that's when I'm happiest.

In the last week, I've gone to a kick-boxing class, a T3 swim workout, completed a 5 mile jog (notice I didn't say run), 3 physical therapy appointments and "at home" rehab, pilates class, total body conditioning class and 4 cycling workouts.  Do I hurt? Um...yeah. Who wouldn't?! But, it's also rewarding to know that I can still do all of these things day after day. Sadly, most of the meltdown was when I attempted to run. Call it loss of power, leg numbness, whatever. I still made it through 5 miles. Yay for me! 

So, I'll be keeping the journal, but it will be "The Tri to Be Funny Some Pain, Some Gain Journal!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quiet Encouragement

So, you're not like all the others. It's ok.
You know what? It makes you special. It makes you unique. It makes you vulnerable and different.
You stand out from all the rest, in a way, more beautiful than all the others.
You most definitely still have a lot to offer and a lot to give. Don't you forget it.

Your exterior may be damaged, hurt, bruised and compromised, but inside you are still radiant.
You are full of life, energy, love, fulfillment and light.
You can and will still accomplish so much.
Your potential is boundless.
Your future achievements are limitless and vast.

You have a flaw.
Goodness, don't we all?
Maybe you'll be something else all together. We'll fool everyone that way.
Maybe, just maybe, this one little bump will be the beginning of something totally new, inspiring and intoxicating.
Embrace It. Love It. Cherish It.

To some, you may be damaged goods.
To me, you are Perfect.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Well, it hasn't been easy to make this call, but I have decided to bail on Ironman St. George for 2010. There's just no possible way I could be ready for the race on May 1st and I don't want to "just finish" to get the Ironman medal. It means so much more to me than that. Plus, who am I to assume that I could "just finish" anyway?! This isn't a 5k. It's a freaking Ironman and it was looming like a dark menacing cloud. At this point, I'd be doing a disservice to my body, mind, doctors, husband and self who have cautioned and begged me to take it easy this year.  I spoke with my team leader for Erin Baker's Tri Team and he was very empathetic and understanding. Seems a few of us are battling some injuries. I plan to compete in a couple of 70.3s this year and take 2011 as it comes!  All told, there is always a sense of relief when a decision has been made that I'm now officially putting out there. It also comes with a sense of sadness that I'm letting another registered event slip through my fingers. Plus, I really wanted to cross the line with my friend Richard who is kicking butt training for this, his first Ironman. He'll do great and we'll still be there for him as we are DEFINITELY still going to Utah. I also promised I'd train with him when I am able, which is good since I'm still doing the Oceanside 70.3 race on March 27th in California!

In fact, Hubster and I celebrated 5-years of knowing each other by riding 45 miles of the Oceanside course on the Computrainer this morning. Wow--I'd forgotten how hard it is (and mind-numbing) to ride the CT for multiple hours. I've been putting in 1.25-1.5 long workouts, but today was 3+ solid hours with only one break to get off the bike, refuel and stretch. All in all, I'm proud of the way I rode even though my legs are not happy with me at the moment :-) It was worth it to feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment. There are some doozy hills on this course towards the back side. At least I have 2 1/2 months to basically memorize and repeat them over and over again ad nauseum.  I didn't try to focus on my avg mph during the ride because that's too depressing. In fact, next time, I may seriously shut that function off the viewer. Today, I focused on my HR and cadence. For the first 25 miles, I averaged a 94 cadence. I felt like Lance just trying to hammer a steady cadence to keep the legs fresh. Fast and steady...also not many climbs. For the final 20 miles, my avg cadence was 85. Still not bad considering the hills hat begin around Mile 30!  My right leg didn't go numb (victory!!), but it definitely felt weaker after a while and tended to fatigue a lot faster on the climbs. Thankfully, my hip didn't feel too bad either. I honestly felt like I could've put in a nice brick afterwards. Needless to say, I didn't because I was sweating buckets and it was 35 degrees outside. I'll chalk it up to a very successful training day and ego boost just to get those miles down. Selfishly, it feels good knowing that I don't have to go out and ride 80-90 miles in the next few months. My mind and body are thanking me right now. It was a tough, tough decision, but it's been made.

Now, it's off to Uchi for an early dinner to celebrate 5-years of knowing my Hubster! Who says you can't have it all?!   Marrying that guy was the easiest decision of all.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dr. D and His Evil Strength Building

Started into some PT strength training and stretching this week. I've been doing so much, but never had an official stretching and strength building plan specifically for my back and hips. First of all, I'm not sure if it's possible for ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones to break when someone is stretching you beyond limits, but I'm sure I was pretty close. Or, at least my whimpering was a good indication that I had hit the "mercy" level of tolerance.

Also doing a few other stretches and strength building moves for my glutes, core and lower back.  I'm not sure if any of these have official names, but I've made up my own.

#1 "Straight Leg Feel Your Ass/IT/Hips Burn Until You Want to Cry" Move  
(PS-You don't have to be headless to do this move at home)

Keep knees locked out and don't drag feet. Make sure you lift them. Focus on strong core                                              

#2 "Strap a Rubber Band Around Your Ankles And Feel the Knife in Your Glute While You Kick Back"  Move

#3 "This Chair is a Torture Device from Medieval Times" Quad Stetch 
PS-that is a grimace and not a smile)

hips forward, hold wall for stability 

Side view of bed head--oops, I mean stretch...fake smile

In addition to these fun exercises a couple of times a day, I'm doing the butterfly stretch. Holding feet together and stretching the inner thighs.  I also started some lunges and dead lifts yesterday. Needless to say, my glutes are sore as all get out today!!  Thanks a whole hell of a lot Dr. D!

I did manage to meet my gym bunnies, Erin and Maggie, down at Lifetime this morning. We did a 30 minute core class followed by an hour of cardio kickboxing. My hip has about had it for the day!!  I'm hoping for three hours on the Computrainer tomorrow morning (Hello Oceanside 70.3 course! ) followed by a wonderful torturous ice bath.

Hope to get back to some running and yoga this week! The hip is still quite sore and irritated sometimes, but the "numbness" in my leg feels a little better. Here's hoping for a good week and a cortisone shot in the hip soon!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Go "F" Yourself!

Happy New Year to all of us! Sometimes I wish this time of year wasn't filled with so much reflection. It's almost like we're supposed to change everything and fail at nothing! A little self-imposed pressure, don't you think? Yes, it's always good to look back to see just how far you've come in a year...or in the last decade. (I don't even want to recount where I was in 1999).  It's also healthy to look forward and make attainable, positive goals and changes. However, have you noticed that most of us are caught up in both the past and the future constantly? We completely discount the PRESENT as if it doesn't even exist. Even now as I type this entry, I'm wondering if I worked out hard enough this morning, so I'm thinking that maybe I should do something "extra" later....lamenting about the past and planning for the future...hardly enjoying the present moment of relaxation. 

While my biggest resolutions for 2010 involve becoming more mindful and present, I also want to resolve to focus on the Big "F" list that I've created.

1.) Family--I'm so grateful to be a part of two families filled with so much love and support for each other.  Every family has their own quirks and my families are certainly no exception. (They did breed me after all) However, the good fortune was not lost on me that I got to spend most of December visiting both of my extended families in CA and OH. So many families are broken, damaged, strained...I'm so lucky that my families actually get along and can be in the same room together. (until we start talking politics, of course!) Both sets of parents are alive, healthy and feisty as ever. I can only hope to live by the examples that they continue to set year after year. (although I don't want to be working as hard as my parents do when I'm in my 70s!! Hell, I don't want to be working that hard in my 40s.)

2.) Friends--Old friends, new friends, work friends, training friends, blog friends, coaching friends...etc. I resolve to hold them close and be the friend for others that I expect them to be for me. For better or worse, Facebook has been invaluable in reconnecting me with friends from my childhood through college and beyond! Never again do we have to wonder what that crazy ex-boyfriend and girlfriend are up to these days. Chances are, they are on Facebook! Seriously, I'm so grateful to have reconnected with my childhood friends and classmates. Everyone looks so happy, healthy and fulfilled. What more could we ask for in life? I'm looking forward to spending a weekend in February with childhood friends when they come to Austin to run the Half-Marathon with me! I'm truly so excited for that weekend as I think it will mean so much for all of us!

3.) Faith- Wow...This one should probably be first on my list. I call them my God, Spirit, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides... Whatever and whoever guides me has never let me down as long as I'm open and willing to listen to how I'm being led. Not so easy sometimes. That stubborn ego gets in the way too often. I resolve (and am already getting better) to remain steadfast in my faith and listen to my instincts and heart. You know when people say things like, "Listen to your gut instinct" and "Follow your heart?" For me, that's all about faith. It's making a leap without knowing the results. It's taking a path that feels right even though you have no idea where that path may lead. That is faith to me and I've never been let down before.

4.) Fitness- Ah...Where would I be had I not found the endorphins and joy of fitness?! I shudder to think. I resolve to take 2010 to another level of fitness. How do you top two Ironmans in two years (along with a slew of other events?)  I plan on doing so by respecting my body enough to rest, recover and heal. I'm trying new things. I'm challenging my body and fitness levels in different ways. I'm also taking it to the next level and obtaining a coaching certification. Who knows where that will take me? Of course, running, biking and swimming will always be a huge part of what I do and I have some races lined up for 2010, but this year is one of more variety. It's January 2nd and I took a kick-boxing class this morning. They should rename it kick-assing, because that's what it felt like! Nice...I've also been invited to attend some Bikram classes with a couple of friends. Healing for the body, mind and soul...gotta love it.

5.) Furry creatures--What more can I say?! My kitties, Brutus and Woody, provide me with so much comfort and joy (and sleepless nights when they insist on sleeping on me). I'm totally the married cat lady and I don't care. Those guys are just so damn adorable. How can you not smile when a 17lb piece of fur purrs in your face?!

6.) Freedom- Freedom to choose where I live, shop, eat, work...Freedom to choose who I spend time with...Freedom to choose who I vote for...Freedom to make whatever decision I want (right or wrong)...Freedom to travel near and far...Freedom to agree and disagree...Freedom to chase the goals that are right for ME. I'm grateful that I live in a place of freedom and resolve to not take that for granted. Always remember, that you have the freedom to change any situation. You have the freedom to choose your current situation. You are never trapped. Isn't that a relief? It is for me.

7.) Fun- I can't have fun if I'm not grateful for my family, friends, faith, fitness, furry creatures and freedom. In 2010, fun for me will represent traveling to new places, racing in new locations, taking random classes, becoming a certified USAT coach, and making new friends. Oh, and did I mention more travel??? Let the Barrett World Tour 2010 begin!

So, that's my list of "F" Resolutions for 2010. What are yours? I challenge you to go "F" yourself!!