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Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Spirit of the Marathon" Exclusive Austin Screening

Reserve your tickets now for the exclusive Austin screening of "Spirit of the Marathon" on Thursday, January 24th at Gateway Theaters.

Purchase your tickets at http://www.dickbeardsleyfoundation.org/ ...About 40 tickets remain on the second screen as one theater has already sold out!

I'll be in attendance! Oh yeah, so will some other famous runner guy named DICK BEARDSLEY who also happens to be in the film. ( I, however, am not)

The following is taken directly from their foundation website:
Join us at the premiere of Spirit of the Marathon, on January 24, 2008, at the Gateway Theater on Stonelake Boulevard. Running legend Dick Beardsley, who has an appearance in the film, will be in attendance at the screening, and at an event prior to the screening that will be open exclusively to those who purchase tickets from the Foundation.Spirit of the Marathon is the first ever non-fiction feature film to capture the drama and essence of the famed 26.2 mile running event. Filmed on four continents, the movie brings together a diverse cast of amateur athletes and marathon luminaries.As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.
Tickets for the event are only available through the Foundation for a minimum donation of $15 per ticket, with proceeds from these sales benefitting the Foundation.

To purchase your ticket, click here, and make sure to indicate in the note field that your donation is for Spirit of the Marathon tickets.
Thank you to our growing list of sponsors for the Spirit of the Marathon Fundraiser
Team Spiridon, Twenty-Six.Two Marathon Club, Conley Sports, Maudie's Tex-Mex, Run-Tex, Jack and Adam's Bicycles - Austin

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