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Saturday, January 05, 2008

95 Miles of Sweet Redemption

After a very intense week of training and a disappointing bike ride last weekend, I earned the redemption that I so desperately needed with a very strong 95-Mile bike ride. We rode an out and back from Austin to Johnson City and back. If that wasn't enough, we ended with one final loop on South Mopac to get us to the 95 mile mark. Johnson City is the home of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Did I mention that it's also in the area of Central Texas known as the HILL COUNTRY??? No joke...This ride was essentially a continuous roller coaster of hills. Some rolling, some steep, all very trying...The wind was blowing hard from the Southwest making the ride out much slower than the ride back.

All in all, I averaged 15.3 miles for the entire ride and it took me a little over 6 hours to complete with a serious negative split. The last 15 miles, I actually rode with Liz, Jim and some other dude who are faster than I am. I think they were starting to fade toward the end and I was finally catching them. I'm thrilled with how the bike rode today and I really felt the benefits of the indoor spin classes I've been attending. Seriously, I don't think I would've made it without those classes. My body also feels surprisingly well after being in a bike saddle for over 6 hours. My nutrition lasted through the ride, but I was definitely fading fast which probably means I need to eat more towards the end of the bike in order to have energy to start the run. I finished with a smile on my face but realized, "I have to do a freaking marathon after this?????" Wow....

I'm so happy to have completed this key workout and gain the ego boost that I've been needing on the bike. Like last week, there's no rest for the proud and weary because I've got to tackle a 20 mile run on Sunday morning.

Yes, this is the start of real Ironman training.

3 small sweet potato pancakes pre-ride: about 400 calories
bottle of water

During Ride:
1 bottle of Perpetuum with 3 scoops of powder-consumed this during the entire 6 hours
1 bottle of water with Nuun tablet-sipped for duration of ride
1 bottle of water--replaced with a bottle of gatorade at half way point

1 Power Gel 2.5 hours into ride
3 Clif Blocks at half way
handful of fritos at half way
3 Clif Blocks at 4.5 hours into ride

Total Calories Burned according to Garmin: 4964
Total Calories Consumed: approximately 800-1000

Out to Johnson City: 42.49 miles
avg pace of 14.3 mph (wind and hills)

Back to Austin: 42.26 miles
avg pace of 15.9 mph (some tailwind benefit...hills benefit on the way back)

Last Lap: 9.01 miles
avg pace of 17 mph

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Anonymous said...

Way to go! awesome ride!!