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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Day of Mourning

I interupt this blog for one brief day of mourning.

My Buckeyes blew it AGAIN in the National Championship Game. I'm so glad my life and career doesn't depend on the outcome of one game. I'm also glad that in the sports of running and triathlon, no one is out to kill me and the only person shouting "you're overrated" is probably me.

I'm also glad I don't live in Columbus, Ohio today. That town (MY hometown) eats, sleeps and breathes Ohio State Football. Couches are probably burning in the streets and riots are no doubt ensuing as I type.

I still love you Buckeyes. Now, stop getting humiliated or I may have to repaint my bike! On second thought, my previous bike was yellow and purple like LSU's colors. Maybe I should just ride that one for the next year...

Uh no...


triguyjt said...

covered osu title in 03 in tempe. had to anchor specials last two years and someone else covered so i missed being at the scene of the crime, if you will. your right columbus will be in mourning for awhile

Frank said...

Your boys were sorry last night. That's two years in a row of butt-kicking. You need to place a call to Tressel and tell him to get it together or we can start calling them "The Buffalo Bills" instead of "The Ohio State University."