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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Christmas Gift Presentation

As told by my loving and supportive husband.

“We all know Carrie gets out of the water last in most races, so when she hops on her bike, she’s going to need one of these to let people know she’s coming.”

My new bicycle horn

“And then, when she blazes past people on the bike,
we want everyone to see her bike license plate.”

She has to be comfortable for 112 miles (and I don't want to render her sterile), so I bought her a new gel seat for the bike.

“She obviously has to look good so I bought her a long sleeve jersey and some new cycling gloves.”

“Of course, when she finishes Ironman, we’ll get to celebrate with some Desiree Chocolate Port.”

My tri friends will understand the humor and irony of the Desiree wine.

“But first…she’s going to need one of these magazines in order to pick out her brand new set of racing wheels for the 2008 season”.


triguyjt said...

the gel seat will ultimately be the best gift...over time..I mean... anyway, nice thoughtful gifts

tracie said...

oooohhhhh someone had a great xmas! :)