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Monday, January 28, 2008

And Now for a Sincere (and slighty cheesy) Moment...

Saw a screening of "The Spirit of the Marathon" last week and still get chills when I think about it. This is the first time, in full screen, that someone has adequately put into words and film the impact that this sport has had on my life. I had so many "YES!!!" moments during the film and I realized that it doesn't matter if you are Deena Kastor or a 6:00hr marathoner...this sport changes you from the inside out in so many ways. (Or, in my case, from the outside in)

The best part about running and racing? The friendships that are made as a result...No question, my life has been utterly filled to the brim with wonderful, positive and energetic persons who have coached, guided, encouraged, challenged and laughed with me every mile of the way. There is no substitute for this type of euphoria. In fact, I just received very timely emails today from fellow Gazelles Frank and Jay who both expressed their gratitude for all that our friendships have brought to them. I couldn't agree more.

That, to me, is the True Spirit of the Marathon.

Here are just a few pics of wonderful moments brought about through running and triathlons over the last couple of years. There are so many friends and moments not represented in these pics, but rest assured, each person and finish line are all in my heart.

After the 2005 Chicago Marathon (the year upon which the movie is based) and my Boston Qualifier day!

I can't imagine my life without my post-run Saturday Mi Madres visits!

My 2004 MS 150 friends and team

After the 2004 NYC Marathon

Shawn and I after finishing the 2006 Eagleman 70.3 in Maryland

Bob, Tracy and Karl (friends from Ohio) at the 2005 Vineman 70.3

Thon and I after our kick-ass North Trails Half Marathon in May 2007

Katy and I at 2007 Longhorn Triathlon. We're now training together for Ironman Arizona. Hell yeah, we're tough!

Skud and I at the Boston Airport 2006

My coveted Boston Marathon medal 2006. The Spirit of the Marathon led me to that day.


triguyjt said...

nice post...not cheesey at all. liked the photos..cool to look back at moments that spurred you on, right...

Frank said...

Great post...I need to see the movie in February.

Rural Girl said...

sounds like a good film. hopefully it will come out on DVD soon.

Anonymous said...

Always fun to travel with you, girl.

- Thonster

Anonymous said...

Yay! I like the pics :-) especially since I am in one of them (heehee!). Thanks for all the good words and support to keep me going another week.


Anonymous said...

Great post and oh so true...

Spirit of the Marathon is doing one more release on Feb 21st.

Love ya Carrie! Mo