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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Week 8: 800s on Track

Wednesday brought a return to Gazelles and a return to the track for 8 x 800m repeats with a 2 minute rest in between. While I was definitely pushing it through the repeats, I was able to fully recover during each 2-minute break which is a sign of a good fitness level. I ran in a pack with Jennifer, Dennis, Cindy and Mike. Frank and Marcy joined us for the last few as they are gearing up for Chicago in just a couple of weeks! They are both running so strong right now, but you can tell they are itching to get it done. I know the feeling--I can't wait until my taper in a few weeks!!

#1 3:25
#2 3:20
#3 3:20
#4 3:22
#5 3:17
#6 3:16
#7 3:17
#8 3:12


Mike J. said...

We rocked on the 800's. I actually feel it in my hamstrings this morning after a hill run. I might have overdone it a tad bit.

Deb said...

You aork your ass off...that taper time has got to be lookin like heaven!