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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week 6: Swim A.M./Run P.M.

I think we finally discovered something about my swim stroke. According to my coach, my stroke is very wide, which means I'm not getting a lot of pull and distance with each stroke. Perhaps that explains why I'm so freaking slow!! What's odd is that I really don't feel like it's that wide. I've even worked on trying to bring it closer. In any event he asked me to try something different and IT WORKED. He noticed a difference immediately. I, on the other hand, felt weird and awkward because it was something new, but he was adamant that it looked tons better. Of course, we made the discovery at the end of class so I'll get to try it out Thursday morning in the pool.

In an ironic and humorous turn of events yesterday afternoon, I had actually packed running clothes to try to catch a quick 4-5 miler after work. I was going to text Shawn to see if he wanted to join me, but opted not to because I don't want him to think I'm crazy or obsessed with getting multiple workouts in one day (I admit to the aforementioned faults). Well, about half way through the day I got a text from him that said, "Run after work?" WOO HOO! Damn, I love this man! We met at the Rock at 6:30pm and ran the Congress loop for about 4.5 miles. As customary in Austin, we ran into several people that we both know and exchanged greetings and sweaty hugs. A welcomed rain was also coming in, but it actually felt refreshing to have something other than sweat dripping from my clothes. (mind out of the gutter) We both had a pleasant recovery run.

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