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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Week 6: 1000's A.M./Bike P.M.

Today's Gazelle workout was 1000s on the track. I left home a little late and didn't hear Gilbert's pep talk before he sent us on the 1.5 mile warm up to Austin High Track. Feeling sluggish and heavy, I lined up with Jennifer, Jonathan, Cindy and Dennis. We ended up doing 6 1000 repeats. My times were pretty consistent from our last go-round at this workout, which was a month ago. I was having trouble keeping up and finished 2-3 behind the group on a couple of repeats. I'm chalking it up to my lack of speedwork lately, Mother Nature and my recent "injury."

#1 4:30 (too slow)
#2 4:14
#3 4:17
#4 4:08
#5 4:05
#6 4:05

I did 80 situps and then Cindy and I ran back to Runtex the long way.

Total Mileage 7.5 miles

I got home tonight around 6:30 and quickly changed into my riding gear, pumped up the tires and hopped on 360 for what I hoped would be a pain-free 1 hour ride. Unfortunately, it wasn't totally pain free thanks to my recent procedures. It was tough finding a comfy spot on the saddle, but I stuck with it. I rode South and hit some of the more difficult climbs...the Riverbend Church hill, 2222 and Bee Caves. While I should've been grimacing in pain, I was more fixated on the cloudless sunset I was witnessing over West Austin. Absolutely breathtaking. (and it had nothing to do with the hills). I quickly realized I was running out of daylight and turned around at the Bee Caves light and headed back north. Again, it was slightly uncomfortable, but I was feeling strong. I also didn't take any chances on this ride, especially since I was hitting dusk. I'm sick of people getting hit and killed because of carelessness. I rode with extreme caution.

Total Time: 1 Hour 16mph (pretty good for the hills and the first ride in over 2 weeks)

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Anonymous said...

no more goo belly!!!! 80 sit ups, you rock! j