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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Week 3 : Ride and Wrap Up

So, I did it. I completed my 15 hour week-2 training week last week! Perhaps next time, I shouldn't squeeze half of those hours into two days (Run 3hrs on Saturday/Bike 4hrs30sec on Sunday). Oh well, that's the way my calendars fell. For the most part, I feel great! No sore muscles, no IT issues, etc; However, I have been forced to take a mandatory 2-day Rest break because I did rub a rather large cyst on my inner inner thigh rendering it impossible for me to run, ride, swim, sit and basically walk. How big is this growth?? Let's just say I can now empathize with the male gender when you sit down and I'm glad that the Good Lord gave me girl parts and not boy parts! What do you do with the extra stuff??? How do you ride bikes?? How do you sit? How do you walk? Wow... While I still feel that women got shafted in the whole creation process (i.e. menstruation, pregnancy, PMS, etc), I now feel a little sympathy for the guys. It's weird and, at the moment, extremely painful.

I'm off in just a few minutes to get it taken care of. I'm not exactly sure what the procedure is, but I've heard words tossed around like drain, excise, lance, cut, pop and squeeze. Let's just say I'd rather be training!!

Hopefully, I'll be back to normal in an hour or so...Thank God it's a rest week anyways.


Anonymous said...

uhhh, TMI? :-) j

Frank said...

You pose a good question for the "package" guy. :)

Richard said...

How do we ride bikes for long distances? Carefully. Actually, its one of those things that, even as a guy, you're better off just doing and not thinking about too hard. Good luck though! Oh, and you should probably stay out of the Springs until you're all healed, no?

BTW, "squeeze"? That's one term you don't want to hear from your doctor.

Mike J. said...

Have you come up with a name for your cyst?

My suggestion: The Swede

Carrie said...

I think "The Swede" is very appropriate. Perhaps it's time to blog about the REAL Swede since I have no training of my own to talk about!!