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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Week 2: 2000m Repeats at Zilker

I was actually feeling pretty good this morning. I’ll take that over how I’ve been feeling lately! For the first time in over a week, I didn’t wake up feeling like a sponge that just keeps retaining water. How does the human body hold on to so much freaking water?? I don’t ever really weigh myself on a regular basis, but I’m quite sure there was an extra 4-5 pounds on this porous frame. (and that didn't include my new bling!!)--photos coming soon!!

In any event, our workout today was 4 x 2000m repeats at Zilker Park. It’s a huge seemingly never-ending loop around the North Side of the park. It was also compounded by the fact that it was still dark through much of the workout. Of course, I look at that as an advantage since you can’t really gauge how close or how far you are to being finished. Ignorance is bliss in the vampire-running world.

With a rather large group led by Frank, we headed off for our first repeat. It didn’t feel bad at all, so we picked it up on #2. Woops---a little too fast. Frank was a great pacer today. In fact, I feel bad because we inadvertently put the pressure on him pretty much every time. I would start out with him, but he had an amazing kick at the end of every repeat today! I wish I had a good log of how I did the last time we did 2000s, but I’m pretty positive it was a vast improvement.

#1 8:38 (6:57 pace)
#2 8:13 (6:37 pace)
#3 8:19 (6:42 pace)
#4 8:07 (6:32 pace)!!!

Nutrition: (I’m skipping the jolly rancher and sugarless gum intake!!!!)

5:30am ½ Clif Bar
8:30am 1 egg, ham and 2 small oranges
1:00pm ½ Zone Bar, Salad with Turkey, veggies and salsa as dressing
4:30pm ½ Zone Bar
8:00pm Taco Salad with turkey, black beans, salsa and various bell peppers, glass of red wine


Frank said...

Carrie...thanks for pushing me on the last repeat. I had a blast this morning!

Richard said...

Great work - now get some dinner!