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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching My Breath, or at Least Making An Attempt

Our friends from Ohio, Bob and Tracy, left Austin bound for home. Shawn is currently at work and I'm suffering the "hangover" of an incredibly busy, emotional and action-filled week. Instead of enjoying this quiet time and basking in relaxation, I'm twitching with anxiety. Why can't I learn to sit still and just "be?" Ironically, I'm running the Nike Human Race 10k tonight in downtown Austin, so my slumber will be short-lived anyways. The Skuds are riding their bikes over and then we're going to ride over to the race site and run together. There's nothing like a 10k run on a Sunday evening when it's still in the mid 90s!  No racing for me tonight...just a simple 6.2 miler with 12,000 other Austinites. 

The Austin Olympic Triathlon is also tomorrow and I'm actually not racing! (she says with a smile) Instead, I'll be volunteering wherever T3 Michelle puts me. I'm so excited for the hundreds of athletes who are racing and can't wait to cheer from the sidelines for a change.  I must admit, I'm a little burnt on triathlon at the moment. I'm excited about swimming and running, but I'm in a cycling temper tantrum phase and I'm not sure why. I just haven't been excited about getting on my bike. So you know what? I haven't. I haven't been on my tri bike since last Sunday. Instead, I went to three swim workouts this week, ran 5 times and hit core class twice. A full week? You betcha!  Tracy felt inspired and that's what fulfills me. She and her husband also loved Austin, which makes me smile. In between work, training and eating, we were also able to have a blast in town including racing the Zilker Relays together and going to the Longhorn game on Saturday night. (even though we sinfully struck the O-H-I-O pose)

This week will be another tough one as we have a lot going on with our respective families, friends and schedules. Hopefully, this vague sense of heaviness and agitation will be short lived. It's nothing a cathartic run and a little chat with my mentor can't handle!


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck at the Human Race!

And have fun helping out at the tri!

triguyjt said...

hope you had fun volunteering at the race...

Its good to know that the Longhorn fans did not have you guys shot at High noon for the O-H-I-O!!!

Dionn said...

A live performance of the double script Ohio in the Horseshoe brings a tear to my eye.

Patricio said...

Oh nice... I wanted to do the Nike Human Race as well but I couldn't.. how was it? How about volunteering at the tri?
Hope you had a great time at both events.

Viv said...

I can't believe those longhorns let y'all get away with that Ohio pose. LOL!