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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures from Sweet and Twisted Sprint Tri

Swim Start-see all of those people standing on shore? Water SHOULD be there. 
The lake level is a little low this summer!

Because of the low lake level, there was a .25 mile run from the lake to the transition 
area along this grassy path. Nothing like getting on your bike and already being out of breath!

Another interesting moment was having to run up a long gravel hill before mounting the bike.

Here we are making the climb to the Mount Line (or the Mountain Lion, which is what we thought the announcer said during the race announcements!)

The run was an off-road cross country route through the grass and trees. I love trail running!

Katy, Coach Chrissie (i.e. The tall one a.k.a Coach Pain) and I crossed the line in succession. Chrissie was the overall winner of the event!  

The ladies of T3 who did the race! We won an award for having the biggest team out there. 
We were definitely the loudest!
Tom and Shawn, the two dudes I was racing for. You can't see it, but I have a heart on my arm with the name Tom above and Shawn's initials. The T3 Ladies were racing for our men!

Collecting my 3rd Place Age Group Award! 

For someone who was grumpy and not wanting to do the race, I'm glad I sucked it up because I ended up having a blast as I always do.

500m Swim:  11:27

14 Mile Bike:47:45 (18.3 mph) -- I had run 20 miles the day before at an 8:16 pace, so my legs were beat!
5k Run: 22:07 (7:08 pace)--very happy with that, especially since it was a trail run


ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, that's the opposite of any lakes around where I am with all the rain we've gotten last week. Great race, esp. after the 20-miler. My sister did that race too. I think she ought to join T3.

Runner Susan said...

I'd have to be chased by a mountain lion to run a 7:08 pace. Great job on 3rd!

Anonymous said...

Great job!! I also think you deserve a medal for that amazing 20 mile training run the day before!

triguyjt said...

way to rock it carrie....

freaking gazelle that you are

Viv said...

That looks like a great fun event! Except for that 1/4 mile hike to the bike ouch! Way to rock out Caddy and take and age group top 3 place!! The gift bags and such seem awesome. Maybe one I can do next year if I feel like getting run over by some bas azz T3'ers! LOL!

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