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Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Bother?

A side salad on the menu at Dairy Queen????? Seriously, Why bother?

I received an email from a new triathlete. In it, she expressed her fears, doubts and frustrations over her weaknesses in this new sport and asked me for advice and direction. She’s not sure she even likes triathlon. Why bother?

Last week, I spoke with a friend of mine who is in taper mode for Ironman Coeur D’Alene 08 and suffering the typical taper meltdown. “Today I have sat at my desk for the last hour contemplating this event called an Ironman next weekend. Tell me I’m not losing it.” Why bother?

At swim practice last week, we were greeted by the British Olympic Triathlon team who was in town training. Seeing their long, muscular bodies and perfect swim technique were intimidating and awe-inspiring. Why bother?

I'm debating on whether to sign up for another Ironman next year. Yes, it sounds like fun and it will be great to have team support, but I'm still unable to answer the question of 'why' I'd want to. Why bother?

I bother for the same reason that all of the above continue on with their quests. I bother because each new challenge presents a new opportunity to be just a little better. For every doubt, there is a victory. For every slow day, there’s a fast day. For every pro or Olympian, there are thousands of rookies. I bother because when someone sends me an email with questions or fears, I know EXACTLY what they are going through. I also know that a few kind words of encouragement will go a long way and make a huge difference. These same people will soon send me emails of exhilaration and success because they also continued to bother. I’ve observed people who have become better athletes, parents, spouses and friends all because they continue to bother with triathlon

Supposedly, triathlon is an individual sport, but I think we’d all agree that it’s the masses of others and the support from other triathletes that make the most difference. Yes, it’s wonderful to celebrate a faster swim stroke, but it’s equally rewarding to log on ironmanlive.com and root for friends and strangers who are accomplishing lifelong dreams. (which I'll be dong this Sunday when many friends and bloggers toe the line at Ironman Coeur d'Alene.)

Why do I bother? I want to be a small representation of this wonderful culture. For me, it’s the chance to continue to inspire, educate, communicate and extend the reach of this life-changing sport for countless others.

And that to me is no bother at all.



Coach Tammy said...

Nice. So which one will it be in 2009? Carpool to Arizona?? ;)

TrainingtoTri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TrainingtoTri said...

I'm the one who deleted. I had thought you were from AZ, not Austin and had a Phoenix question, but I had you confused with someone else. Sorry. Just explaining b/c I hate seeing comments deleted! It makes me wonder what nasty things someone said and then thought better of.

greyhound said...

WOOT! Why bother? Because it is hard, and hard means you're alive, fully alive.

Florida '09, baby.

J. Garry Power said...

Another great post which seems to sum up why we all bother. Good luck to all the dudes and dudettes doing CDA this weekend. You are going to have a blast!

Steve Stenzel said...

Great post!

That side salad better have soft serve dressing!!!

Anonymous said...

The DQ side salad make me laugh!

Then, the rest of this post gave me goosebumps...you nailed it.

Viv said...

Wonderfully said!

I am glad you bothered and sent me an email. It kept me going knowing that in time I also will find my innner Ironman.

I seriously agre, the people in this triathlon world are amazing. I have never felt such support then i do in the tri world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that post - I've been asking myself that very same question lately.

Why bother? Why spend all my time running around, organising myself, training, racing, succeeding sometimes but failing more times?

Because it makes me feel GREAT - ALIVE - PART OF A FAMILY

I love supporting others, but struggle to talk to myself the same way. That's why I read blogs like yours!!!! THANKS

WADDLER26.2 said...

How many times do we all say that?You put it wonderfully into words.

Rural Girl said...

well said.

Rural Girl said...

btw, IM Louisville sounds good, eh?

Patricio said...

True dat!

triguyjt said...

another great post!!!!!

why bother??? because if we are not reaching, we are not growing and if we stagnate, then we begin to die and if that cycle kicks in, then we begin to take others down with us. but if we reach, we affect others, who wonder what it is we are reaching for..in in the process, they try to reach and they grow..and its just so damn cool to see people go forward and live than sit still and go downhill.
yeah..which one next year??

Mercedes said...

Wow, Carrie. Very insightful. You've got me as a weekly reader now for certain after that incredible post. Keep it coming. AND SIGN UP FOR THAT NEXT IRONMAN! I want to see you do it again! You are such an inspiration.