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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buffalo Springs Send Off and Another Date with Jorge!

Is it that time again already? I’m off to Lubbock this weekend to race in the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3. It’s weird to enter this race with absolutely no expectations or anxiety whatsoever. Believe me, there will be plenty of nervous energy on race morning, but I have to admit, it’s hard to get excited for the Homecoming Dance when you’ve already been to the Prom this year. You know what I mean?

My original reason for signing up for Buffalo Springs was strictly maintenance. I wouldn’t allow myself to get lazy post IM. That plan definitely worked because I certainly haven’t slacked off (minus those two weeks in Italy). Hubster and I have diligently done our weekend rides and long runs. I’ve gone to the tough Gazelle workouts, I’ve hit several core classes and morning swim workouts. The 70.3 distance doesn’t scare me.

My body does though. I have felt the dreaded fatigue the last few days. I had to back off the last 10 minutes of spin class on Tuesday night because my legs were toast. I was getting a little light-headed as well, but I attributed that mostly to the fact that we train in a non-airconditioned warehouse in 104 degree heat with only the BIG ASS FAN to keep us cool! (This website almost warrants its own blog post!) On Wednesday morning, Gilbert told me to do only 3x800m repeats instead of the six that the rest of my group was doing. I was relieved since I was feeling worn down after just three. I saw Iron-Katy on the track and she basically reminded me that it’s classic Carrie. Once I start feeling burnt out, I know it’s time to rest for a few days, chill out and then have a great race. Somewhere along the line, I also forgot that tapering is also a good strategy :-). Needless to say, I’m pretty much shutting it down for the next three days. No more cycling or running. I may swim a bit tomorrow, but it will just be some open water practice or maybe even drills/technique stuff in the pool.

As for Goals…This isn’t my “A” race at all. My new “A” races are the Longhorn 70.3 and Marine Corps Marathon in October. Yes, that’s a Half-Ironman and Marathon in the same month. When I really think about it, I know it's freakin' crazy. A Full Ironman, 2 Half-Ironmans, a Marathon and a slew of smaller tris all in one year?? What am I thinking?? (I'm not and that's why I do it) Those October races are the ones I want to really focus on when this weekend is over. With that being said, here are realistic goals on a picture-perfect day in Lubbock, Texas.

Swim: 38-42 minutes
I’m usually a 45-46 min 1.2 mile swimmer, so I’m hoping to have knocked a few minutes off with my training.

Bike: 2:55-3:10
Like Ironman Arizona, the roads of this course are usually cursed with gusty dry winds and plenty of hill climbing. Lubbock is an unusually flat city, but leave it to the Race Directors to find the ONE abnormally hilly area of town! The race is actually in Buffalo Springs Lake CANYON—which means there are plenty of ascents and descents throughout the 56 mile course. My plan is to spin easy up the hills and push it on the flats....and eat and drink a whole lot along the way.

Run: 1:45-2:00
My Half-Marathon PR in a 70.3 race is a very respectable 1:45 (8:00min pace). It all depends on what is left! There are three blistering climbs on the run that usually leave most legs quivering and left whimpering to walk. As I recall, the last three miles are pretty downhill so I'm hoping to employ a little of that Gazelle "fast finish" if I can.

A Sub 6:00 hr race is certainly attainable. My PR is a 5:35, but again, I’m not aiming for a PR this weekend. I’m there to put together a decent race and cheer Shawn on to his Half-Ironman PR!
Side Note: I have another date with Jorge the masseuse tomorrow after work! I SWEAR he was the only male available....Shhhh....that's what I told hubster and I think he believes me ;-) I'm almost embarrassed to go back!!! Look forward to the sequel!


Viv said...

I hope you are thinking you are awesome like what I think of ya! Good luck this weekend. It will be cake for you :-)

May the hills feel like flat pancakes and your legs be like soft room temp bread(I was trying to do oppsosite of toast) ugh!

Say hi to Jorge for me okay Caddy.

I will be at Longhorn cheering on some team mates so I will bring extra cowbell for your A race.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's time for Buffalo Springs!! This will be a cinch for you...you're gonna do awesome :)

If you see a crazy girl out there with mint green handle bar tape on her bike that's me! Hope to see you out there!!

Good luck to you, Caddy ;)

muna said...

Good luck this weekend to both of you! I predict that you will be surprised in a very good way by your times.

ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, a sequel with Jorge, I won't tell!

Good luck at Buffalo Springs although I doubt you'll need it. Good luck to Shawn in getting his PR!!

triguyjt said...

kick butt this weekend...very do able goals... and i think you can go sub six...rest up and rock it...have fun and when you are hitting a tough spot.,...just think of your main man....


sshhhh i don't tell your hub

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the half iron on the weekend (and to Hubster too).

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Will definitely check out that site you mentioned. Anything can help right???

Enjoy the massage.... hehe

Anonymous said...

PS. I've just been listening to those podcasts you mentioned on my blog - AWESUM STUFF. Makes me feel much better and alot more hopeful. Thanks so much for that. See, now that is why I blogged about it...

Rural Girl said...

have a good race. enjoy your weekend. i am dreaming of a run like yours in a half......

Colleen Renee' said...

Rock out the 70.3 lady...have fun! Smile!! and drink. drink. drink. It's going to be HOT!! Can't wait to read/hear all about it!

Coach Tammy said...

I have the same feeling regarding my 70.3 on July 6... already been to Prom baby. But unlike YOU, I have not been a good little training robot. I've put in some time, but not much, and def low-intensity. sigh. If I PR my 6:39 from last year, I'll be a happy girl.

Good luck!!!

Patricio said...

Great goals, I'm sure you'll meet them with no problem!
Good luck!

Ah.. si.. Jorge... would there be another post on that experience?? Pls pls pls... .that was SO funny!


Richard said...

Don't forget another ultramarathon in there too - unless I melt down in DC, I'll do Sunmart with you this year.

Well, somewhat behind you. But with you in spirit anyway, and on the road...