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Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Doesn't Need This?!

The Holy Bible aside, I think I've found one of the most important, potentially life-changing books. Seriously, I think this is "The Secret" Runner's Edition.

The back cover asks, "Are You"

* a new runner? (not so much)

* an experienced runner seeking improved performance? (yes, please)

* an injured runner, or a runner with a history of running injuries? (who hasn't been injured?)

* a triathlete, searching for that improved run split? (...and swim split...and bike split)

* or, a runner simply trying to remain injury-free and improve your performance all at the same time? (Yes, Yes, Yes!!!)

**editors note: the comments in parantheses are my smart-ass answers to the posed questions and in no way reflect the views of everyone...just ALMOST everyone.

Austin Physical Therapist, Coach and friend Allan Besselink has just released this new book and I can't wait to dig in! I hope all of you do too!!! Seriously, how could we not benefit from his knowledge and expertise? His credentials are as long as Obama's list of current donors and he is a well-respected coach in Austin and beyond. In fact, a lot of his current athlete roster is comprised of people outside of Texas.

Oh--did I mention he's also an Ironman finisher?! Hell yeah, baby!

Buy the book and support a self-published author at: http://www.lulu.com/content/2410779

Visit his site at: www.smartlifeinstitute.com

Next week: I'm heading back to Buffalo Springs 70.3! Experience the beauty and serenity of Good 'ol Lubbock, Texas. Actually, it's basically a sh*t-hole with a great Half-Ironman race and I'm going back to avenge my 2004 time. It was over 7 hours, so I'm hoping it won't be a problem to PR on this course!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in Lubbock, Carrie! I'm sure you'll beat the living hell out of your 2004 time! ~christine

Coach Tammy said...

Ok I bought it. Allen can thank you for at least one sale... it better be good. haha.

Good luck in the sh*thole. :)

Viv said...

Caddy, thanks for the book link. LMAO at your comments, what triathlete/runner does not want all those benefits?! Bookmarked the link to check it later. I'm in your town, chickie. Can you smell me cooking up a PR tomorrow... Toally kidding, but I know you are cooking one up for next weekend. A smackdown of a PR if I must say.

Dave said...

You might want to give the Lubbock chamber of commerce a call and see if they can work that phrase into some promotional materials... :)

Patricio said...

I'll definitely check it out, sounds interesting.
Thanks for the tip!

PS - Can't remember if you wrote about it but did you ever find or get the other Garmin back you lost during your IM?

triguyjt said...

cool book caddy

kick the o4 time in the butt