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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just when I thought my blog was getting a little stale and boring, I came across the topper this morning! One of our local TV stations has a "Weather Blog."  Yes, that means that Mr. Scientist Weather Guy logs on every day to convey the most up-to-the-minute breaking forecasts.

June 7, 2008:  It's really hot today
June 8, 2008: If you thought yesterday was hot, watch out because it's going to be a scorcher!
June 9, 2008: Guess What Austin?  Yep--Hot...Hot...Hot...
June 10, 2008: Holy Sh*t! It's still so freakin' hot. When will this end?!
June 11, 2008: Why am I even here? Do these people really need some dude telling them what they already know? 

Geez, at least my workouts have a little variety to them! 

Speaking of, it's been a great and steady week of workouts. Now that Shawn officially joined T3 and has started attending their running and cycling workouts, I'm certainly more on my toes! Let the Smackdown begin :-)  A little loving competition is healthy, right?!  He definitely has more discipline with his eating than I do. I'm at a desk at least 80% of the day and he's running around crazy. Therefore, I definitely have more time to say, "It's been 4 hours...time for my sunflower seeds."  (or M&Ms...whatever...don't judge)  I used to be able to rationalize and tell myself that I was working out more so I needed the extra sustenance...not entirely true anymore since the hubster is turning into Chris McCormack right before my very eyes!

So, here's the rundown this week as we are in the middle of gearing up for the Buffalo Springs Half-Ironman in a few weeks and the Couples Triathlon on July 13th!  By the way, I was going to do the Pflugerville Triathlon on June 22nd, but it was already sold-out when I went to register a few weeks ago! If anyone can get me in, let me know!! I LOVED that race last year! (because I won my age group, but who's counting?!) Plus, doing a race on June 22nd will put me in the mindset of my many pals who will be doing Ironman Couer d'Alene that same day. (I guess I should learn how to spell it before I attempt to race it). 

Monday AM:  6 Mile Run around the neighborhood...Very slow recovery pace at 9:55 overall. My legs were pretty sore from my long run the day before.

Monday PM: Jack and Adams Corture Class with Josh

Tuesday AM: T3 Swim Class

Tuesday PM: T3 Indoor Cycling Class (or Sweatfest in the Warehouse)

Wednesday AM:  Gazelles 700m Repeats on the Track! Yes--700s!
We did 6 of them and I stayed around the very comfortable 2:57-3:00
With warmup and cooldown, it was about 7 miles total.

Thursday AM: T3 Swim Class
Our Main (read: Hard) set was 75m repeats. Chrissie told us to come in around 1:30 on all of them (ha ha...whatever...My mind recollects a series of 1:40s the last time I did 75s)...My first one:  1:21 baby!  I was so happy :-)  Of course, it was also all downhill from there too!!  Don't you hate it when you blow your wad on the first repeat?!?  Actually, it wasn't so bad...I stayed in the 1:22-1:25 range until my last one which was a 1:28. Yes, I slowed down, but they were all still faster than I thought they would ever be.

Last night, I also entered my happy place at Stubb's by going to see Brandi Carlisle and The Indigo Girls! Yes!!  It was so wonderful to be out and enjoying some fantastic live music. I actually felt "normal" for a change being out and about like "normal" folks! I got to hang with soon-to-be Ironman Colleen, her friend Shelly and my friend Angie who was on a date with new boy Troy. If you've never seen the Indigo Girls live, do so...They sound as brilliant and harmonious as they did 20 years ago. (yes, it's been about 20 years since "Closer to Fine" was released)....I'm also proud to say that both Colleen and myself made it to the pool for workout this morning!!  

It's shaping to be a wonderful weekend with a trip to San Antonio to hang with in-laws for Father's Day...Shawn and I also have something very special planned on Saturday that I'll mention tomorrow!

June 12, 2008:  It's another hot day in Austin, Texas  y'all...


a.maria said...

ooh ooh. i'm doing the couples tri too!


what's your team name?!
our is.. "gimme a whataburger".

clearly we were near feeding time when we came up with it!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Classic Team Name!! I didn't get very creative when I signed us up--We're "Team Barrett." See you out there!!

Viv said...

LOL! Love the team name.
I love the loving comptetion. If I can get the hubby to say I wore him out. I feel I have succeded. He is turning into Mc Cormack huh? do you get do hear him say Caddy in an aussie accent.

Have a great weekend in San Antonio. I hear it's hot there to y'all.