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Sunday, April 13, 2008

This just in - run leg 1

For the first 3.5 miles, Carrie's pace was a solid 9:29, right where she planned it. And she looks strong and happy, doesn't she! Only time will tell how many folk she picks off during the run, but she's off to a fantastic start.



cathy gretencord said...

Go Carrie Go! You are my idol! I am so proud of you - unbelievable times. Your swim was so stong. I'm in Vegas...wish I could be with you, but thanks Shawn (hubby #1) for make it happen for us slobs. Hi Rosanne, Hi Tom!

TriBoomer said...

Go, go, go, Carrie! Maaaaaan, I am lovin' the race reports. Keep on foot in front of the other!

Stay tuned...

buckeye92 said...

Shawn - we need a new blog post. The Ironman site is down. Carrie must be about half way thru with the run. -- Ted

WADDLER26.2 said...

Go Buckeye. Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Man it looks hot there! Ironman site is still having a hissy, so this great - keep the updates coming!

Patricio said...

Take it home C!!!
G R E A T J O B!

Regina said...

Way to go Carrie, job not just well done, it was superb! Congratulations on your tremendous achievement. Now rest and enjoy the remainder of your vacation.