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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Biking Queen

(apologies to Abba)

Carrie is in her element now! She tore up the last and longest lap with a 17.23 mph lap for a total bike time of 6:40:24. That's a 16.74mph average speed and good enough to move her up 230 places to 1049th overall, in a male-dominated field. Congratulations Carrie! After a 3:14 transition we just watched her run past the Gazelle tent - she looked tired and hot (it is 95 degrees & she has been going for 8 hours and 45 minutes) but happy, running with great form and two thumbs way, way up!


Jill said...

she is right freakin on time. awesome!!!! j

Anonymous said...

Run Kid Clogger Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Carrie!! Wayne & Deborah

bonita sarita said...

Carrie you are amazing!! I am so happy for you and glad to see you ARE KICKING ASS!

tracie said...

awesome job carrie!!!!! keep it up!!

buckeye92 said...

Nice work Carrie. Looks like you are on pace for a 12.5 hour finish. Will check back in another 30 min or so. Keep kicking tail!


Anonymous said...

Keep it up girl! You are kickin' butt.....Really loud cheers from Ohio......Love the block O on the shirt.