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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Little Pre-Race Stress Ball

Well...I was going to post this yesterday, but I was hoping it was a light-hearted April Fools Joke from my friend. Alas, it was not... As if there weren't enough pre-race stresses associated with this trip, it turns out that our RV connection to Tempe backed out this week and we've found ourselves without transportation to Arizona! ( I guess there's always the bike!)

Not sure if I mentioned, but we're doing the anti-typeA athlete thing and road-tripping out to Tempe in a rockin' RV. We're not staying at the team hotel, opting instead to lounge in an RV Park with my non-IM friends and family. This all sounded pretty awesome until it crumbled slightly yesterday. Unfortunately, our basic mode of transport is...shall we say...GONE!

Today, my husband spent his day working on Plan B...Have no fear. We will get to the start line! It may just look like this :-)


Trihardist said...

Did you ever see Little Miss Sunshine?

That is what I envision for your trip to imaz, now.

TrainingtoTri said...

on no! Well, I'm sure plan B will come together, everything always comes together. Per your comment on my blog - no joke - I threw my bra at Davy Jones at a Monkees concert when I was 17 in Cincinnati! What are the odds of both of us throwing our bras and "boy bands" in Cinti. Pretty crazy.

jay said...

Best of luck at IMAZ! We will be cheering!

Anonymous said...

no way. i keep telling people how much fun you are going to have in the RV! j

The Lindsor said...

Want me to piggy-back you to AZ??

tracie said...

good luck!!! i'm sure it will all come together for you! :) i think i'm just as excited as you are for your IMAZ adventure!!! :)

michelle said...

Maybe Mo has space for you in the trailer! :) Nothing like a pre-race "glitch" to get you a little worked up...it'll just make for a more interesting blog post :)