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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Iron-Chick has Landed...Let the Recap Begin

Earth to Carrie...Earth to Carrie.

I've finally returned from my weeklong vacation of utter beauty and utter gluttony. After the race, Shawn and I took off with my parents in a 31-foot RV headed for Sedona and the Grand Canyon. (Cross between the Clampetts and the Griswalds) We had a total blast and were constantly humbled by the nature surrounding us.  It kinda makes Ironman pale in comparison when you're standing on the ledge of the Grand Canyon admiring one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Alas, we returned home late last night and I did what I've been wanting to do for a long time. This morning, after watching the Web Stream of the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials in bed, Shawn and I grabbed some coffee and headed down to Lady Bird Lake for a walk...Yes, a walk...with coffee. During the heavy weeks, I dreamed of this moment where I could take a leisurely stroll without thinking of time splits and goals. Today, I did it!!  Ok, we cheated and jogged for about a mile, but I enjoyed every step. 

Thanks again to everyone who followed along and sent texts, emails, phone messages and comments. I'm just now getting back to them since there wasn't much in the way of cell/wi-fi. 

Recap is written and will be uploaded into segments complete with photos and videos!



triguyjt said...

you earned that walk carrie...

way to go...

greyhound said...

I've been trying to walk regularly with my honey bun, even during the training. It's therapeutic and time well spent.