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Monday, March 31, 2008

Why am I doing an Ironman, you ask??

I figured since I didn't have a kid by the age of 35, I should just go ahead and do something that is just as painful and self-destructive.



amybee said...

Just found your blog via Waddler.

GOOD LUCK to you these final few days before Ironman AZ. (

I'll be interested in reading about how the next couple of weeks go before the event and will be very anxious to read your race report.

Love the advice you got about taking things one at a time and all the highs and lows that will be part of the event. (Ain't that the truth!?!)

bonita sarita said...

instantwebshot.com where have you been all my life?!

michelle said...

It's amazing the pain we put ourselves through when we don't have children!! Instead of sleeping in and staying out late we go to bed early, get up early and cause a lot of pain in between...enjoy your taper!!

Anonymous said...

then i would suggest you do an ironman every day if you want to simulate child birth. j

ShirleyPerly said...

Might as well. After having kids, you may not have an hour to yourself again for many years.

Trihardist said...


I'm continually amazed by the people who do both.

Sharon said...


Uuuummm why have I not ever heard of instantrimshot.com? Thank you for introducing me to the new staple of my internet humor.