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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bringing the Energy Back Up

I definitely think the "strain in my swagger" was a result of some allergies in the air. Plus, it was the fourth week in a row that I've increased training hours --up to 16 hours this week. All of that, combined with the cold/rainy snap provided the "perfect storm" for severe fatigue.

Thursday, however, was a great training day which reinstated the daily affirmation that I needed to get through the next few days.

Thursday AM Swim Class: Oh-My-God. I am getting so much better! I jumped in lane 2 even though there was a nice, clear, empty lane in Lane 1 that was calling my name. I'll call that, "The Ghost of Carrie's Swimming Past." Oh, it was calling to me alright, but instead of taking the easy way out, I chose the more difficult lane with others. There's always that added pressure of knowing that someone is right on your ass. Well, the resistance band work and Vasa Swim Training is starting to pay off because I was able to keep up the entire workout with the "faster girls." I held my own throughout the warm-ups and the 3 x 400 swim sets with speed-play built in. I actually led our lanes on the paddle work and have earned the nickname "Paddle Master" because I was so far ahead at one point. I actually believe I'm getting better now because the progress is showing in my effort levels.

Thursday PM Bike Ride: Because of an evening commitment and because it was sunny and 65 degrees, I decided to do my 1 hr bike ride outside yesterday. My plan was to do a couple of 8 mile South Mopac loops. Unfortunately, as I pulled my bike out of the car, I realized that I had forgotten my helmet! Poopers!!! I was in a slight quandry as I didn't have time to go home to get the helmet and ride, but I didn't want to ride without a helmet on South Mopac. Against my better judgement, I kept my ride strictly on the Veloway, which is a closed 3 mile paved loop only accessible to bikes and rollerbladers. Yes, it was boring as hell doing 6 x 3 mile loops, but I decided to make it a slight tempo workout as well. Plus, the monotony is good for patience and mental training because I have no doubt that 7 hours on a bike will also include many moments of sheer boredom and monotony. With each loop, I tried to focus on something different--pedal stroke, aero position, saddle placement, etc.

Lap 1: 11:03 16.4mph warm up
Lap 2: 9:52 18.3mph tempo
Lap 3: 10:37 17 mph recovery
Lap 4: 9: 27 19.1 mph tempo
Lap 5: 11:03 16.4 mph recovery
Lap 6: 10:40 16.9 mph cool-down

Total: 1:02: 54 17.2 mph
My goal is to eventually get the total riding time down below 1:00hr.

After the ride, I slipped on my running shoes and just went :15 minutes of easy running.

Friday AM Core/Strength and 1200m Barton Springs Swim:
Went to the T3 Strenth/Core class this morning for an hour of abs, arms and other core strengthening training. It's definitely not as intense as the Jack and Adam's Corture, but I was definitely feeling some of the exercises. After that hour-long workout, several of us headed over to Barton Springs Pool for our 1200 m open water swim.
For the first time, ALL of my laps were between 8:40-8:55 minutes. Very VERY happy to see that!

Going into the weekend feeling good, but there's still a long way to go!!!

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