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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Must Race!

This is just too cool! If you are in Austin the day after Christmas, you must run this 5k.
If you've ever run a race in Austin (or Dallas, Houston, etc), chances are you've been timed by local chip-timing company called Run Far. I'm convinced chip timing is the best invention ever! (aside from Kashi, Guru bikes and my swim parka) My friend Raul started this company a few years back with basically one timing mat, some timing chips and a desk in the corner of Runtex. Now, he's sporting an entire fleet of trucks, crews, timing machines, computers, office space and one hell of a fiance!
Raul and Tracy are getting married this December and you would think the LAST thing on their minds would be producing a damn race! They have worked literally hundred (thousands) of races supporting every cause and disease known to humans. Instead of taking a few days off before their nuptials to chill out and decompress, they're putting on their own sanctioned race for a cause that is very close to their heart.
The sole purpose of the KIMbia Foundation is to use its position in the world of athletics to support education in Kenya. Due to the high cost of education - roughly US$500 per year in school fees and related costs - many children are unable to attend high school. With this race, Raul and Tracy hope to raise enough profit to send at least two students to high school for a year.
So please, if you're in the Austin area on December 26th, please come out and support this great 5k. It's only $10 and you get a cool race t-shirt! Plus, I've never done a Run-Far produced event where there hasn't been food or beer afterwards :-) If you're not in town, you can certainly still donate.

This is just one more reason why the Austin running community is so wonderful and generous. For event details and registration, click on the logo above. I'll also be including it in my sidebar!!

(P.S. And the guys who did the on-line registration aren't so bad either) ;-)

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