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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Character vs. Accomplishments

Last month, we celebrated hubby's birthday by going to a wine bar (shocking, I know) and having a private tasting for about 20 or so people. Well, at Cork and Co., they have those "life questions" lying around on the tables that are meant to stir up interesting table conversations, and, I suspect, arguments as well.

By the end of the night, the wine had flowed quite nicely and the nipple clips had been passed around (don't ask) when the line of questioning started. Hubby's Mom asked me one of the questions and, by this point, there was an audience listening. And for those of you that don't know me, I love an audience.

"Are you more proud of your accomplishments or your character?"

Trick question! Damn it... That's a toughie from my Mom-In-law! There's no easy way to answer this one! After stumbling and hearing more than enough, "oooh...good one," I think my answer went something like this:

"I'm very proud of my accomplishments. Hell, I blog about them for the world to see! Of course, I'm proud of them. But, I suppose the right thing to say is that I'm most proud of my character--determination, strong work ethic, dedication, good sense of humor-blah, blah, blah... Because having a strong character has led to my accomplishments."

So there, I wussed out. I played it safe and gave the "right" answer so that people wouldn't think I was shallow. What I really wanted to say was, "Why should I be most proud of my character? When did having a good character become such an "accomplishment?" Shouldn't good character just be a given?

So, I'm officially taking back my previous answer.

I'm most proud of my accomplishments in life that have come as a result of the character that my parents bestowed on me.

So there.


triguyjt said...

great post.
Was her question in the bonus round??? Did you get double points??? I agree with you. Good character should be a given. Period. no ifs ands or buts.
thanks for stopping my my blog.

lizzie lee said...

I think you put it right both times (let's have it both ways).

I believe that accomplishments are a consequence of the character.

Certainly our parents bestowed on us the character, but we have the "power" to modify it for good. So that's an accomplishment.

Heck, the question is really tricky. Anyway, if you didn't like your answer, think that probably some of the party had some additional glasses of wine...

lizzie lee