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Monday, December 03, 2007

Funniest Race Rule Ever

I was reading through my Sunmart 50K Race Packet this weekend and noticed the following rule:

"Smoking is permitted at the Start/Finish areas as well as the Rest Areas."

Oh thank God! I can have a smoke during the race!!! Now I know I'll finish! ;-)

What a great weekend!!!!

1.) I accomplished my workouts even though I improvised a bit. My 70-mile bike ride turned into 30 minutes outside followed by 2 1/2 hrs on an indoor trainer. It's a long story, but thanks to Shawn, I was able to improvise and still get my workout completed.

2.) We had an awesome holiday party on Saturday night and followed by a great 10 mile run on Sunday. OK--it wasn't great, but we did it.

3.) Ohio State has backed themselves into the National Championship Football Game! Go Bucks!!!


triguyjt said...

everyone should put a pack of cigarettes rolled up into thier sleeves
nice graphic..did you draw that

muna said...

Usually when I tell someone they were smoking during a race, I am talking about something different.