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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Apology to Kashi

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kashi,
I'm so very sorry. I'm one of your biggest fans and yet, I've done you a huge disservice. You see, in an effort to live a healthy life full of whole grains, protein and natural ingredients, I went a little overboard. I purchased every double box of GO LEAN Crunch at my local Costco. Yes--COSTCO! I know, I know. I've prohibited many others from sampling the goodness of the Crunch, but I promise to continue to spread the word...and I'll never buy every box ever again. (I won't have to since I'm pretty much set for life). Thank God we have a large pantry. Unfortunately, we can't fit anything else in it.
Thanks and I apologize for bringing home EVERY box. Make sure you let your distributors know that there is an Austin Costco in need of some new pallets of Kashi Go Lean Crunch. And, if and when I enter Kashi Toxicity, I'll pass it along to others.

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Shannon said...

omg... how DARE you!! Fortunately we have an unopened Costco sized box right now, but if they haven't restocked by the time I run out, expect a phone call, or maybe some TP on your house! I can't believe you did that!?! And Nathan thinks *I'm* a crackhead... Too much!