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Friday, May 04, 2007

Strength and Swimming

Strength AM
My Swim/Triathlon Coaches T3 just opened an actual training facility in South Austin and they've invited current and ex-members to swing by for a week to check it out and indulge in a couple of free workouts. In addition to training consultations, they are also offering various spin classes (you bring your bike and trainer) , core workouts and strength conditioning. I was really curious to check it out so I went to their Strenth class this morning at 6:00am not having a clue what to expect. There were about six of us there and the class was an hour-long mixture of upper and lower body exercises done in a circuit style with some abs and pushups tossed in for good measure. Each "station" was 2:00min long and featured the likes of squats and lunges with medicine balls, biceps, triceps, lats and chest presses with resistance bands, running drills, some plank and "buddy" medicine ball exercises where we did situps and tossed it to each other.

As I recap it tonight, it sounds a lot worse than it was. I guess I'm just used to the torture of Jack and Adam's Corture class. All that being said, I left with a good sense of completion this morning. I had a great workout, but it didn't destroy me. In fact, I was going to head to Barton Springs afterward for a swim, but it was drizzling and with the recent rains, I'm sure the water quality is murky at best right now.

When it comes time to kick into some serious tri training after the honeymoon, I'd like to take advantage of some of the T3 swim workouts and longer bike rides. Swim practice keeps me discliplined and working on drills and speed. The bike rides offer support when you're out there for 50-60-70 miles at a time. It's especially helpful if Shawn is working and isn't able to ride. However, at this time, I don't see a need to be full-fledged member of their training facility. My current gym offers wonderful spin and yoga classes. And if they ever get the f*cking Swim-Ex pools up and running again, I know I'll be a fish there as well.

I feel like a puppy who doesn't want to miss any action. I'm just so intrigued by all of the action and activity in this little sporting community that I hate to feel like I'm missing out on something! Plus, it's just good networking to have relationships with various people in this athletic world. You never know when you can benefit from each other.

Swim PM
So, I know it's a Friday and most people are heading off to Happy Hour. I was excited for a low-key evening and started if off with a quick visit to Stacy Pool for a 30 minute swim. No speed work, no toys, just swimming for what turned out to be 1250m. Once again, my focus was on form and bilateral breathing. I noticed something humorous though. After commenting about how I didn't think the Strength workout this morning was that difficult, I noticed during the swim that my arms were sore!! So, it was harder than I thought!! Shame on me and my pretentiousness.

The swim wasn't so much a workout as it was a nice way to unwind from the week. I still have anxiety before every swim, but absolutely love it once I'm in the water.

The Wedding is three weeks away and we're still cruising along nicely. Several people that we thought "will never come" are showing up much to our surprise! We're truly down to the little details of wedding programs and reception details. I can't wait for this celebration. Why? Because once it's over we head to Bora Bora!!!!!!!!!!!

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