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Sunday, May 20, 2007

End of An Era

Today marked my last official race as "Carrie Sapp." It was a good one.

1st Place Age Group Women 30-34 (there were 39 total)

5th Overall Female (there were 233 total)

Overall Time: 1:33:59

A new Half-Marathon PR for me.

Here were my Garmin Readings. It measured the distance almost .4 mile long--weird, so it makes my race look even better!

Distance: 13.46 miles (almost 4/10 of a mile longer than a Half-marathon!! odd)
Time: 1:33:59
Overall Pace: 6:59 per Mile

These were my manual splits that I took at each mile marker. I did not have the Garmin taking automatic splits.
Mile 1 7:17
Mile 2 7:11
Mie 3 7:13
Mile 4 7:11
Mile 5 7:09
Mile 6 7:14
Mile 7 7:08
Mile 8 7:08
Mile 9 7:05
Mile 10 7:07
Mile 11 7:03
Mile 12 7:11
Mile 13.1 7:55

I owe it to my training partner Thon who laid out our strategy and made me stick with it even when I was getting very impatient those first few miles. He was right. It was hard to watch 9-10 women take the lead, but it felt good getting to "chick" most of them through the race.

I also want to congratule my husband-to-be Shawn for setting a MAJOR PR...I'm talking 11 minutes!!! He came in right around 1:47--Awesome.

More thoughts to come. Must eat and have a mimosa.

It's officially WEDDING WEEK!!!


Frank said...

Nice race Carrie! Best of luck to you and Shawn on your wedding. I wish you the best!



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the race!

Mike said...

I'm really proud of you and Shawn!!! AWESOME!!!!

LoneStarCrank said...

Way to go out with a BANG!

Congrats on the race and on what "next"! It's only just beginning.