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Thursday, May 03, 2007

2000s at Zilker Park

I squeezed the toothpaste! I squeezed the toothpaste!

Today marked a return to Zilker Park for 2000m repeats. For those that don't know (and I honestly didn't until this morning), 2000m is 1.25 miles. You'd think I'd know since I wear a freaking GPS on my wrist, but I've never really look at the Distance. I always focus on time for this workout.

The crowd was somewhat thin this morning as horrendous storms had blown through in the middle of the night. It woke me up around 2am and I remember thinking, "Maybe I won't have to go to run class!" That's funny because I seem to forget that it IS a choice. No one is forcing me to go anywhere. (except for my former self)

Instead of running from home like I normally would, I actually drove to Runtex in case he changed the workout due to the rain. I'd hate to be over at Zilker waiting for everyone only to find out that they went to the track instead. After the 1 mile warmup and drills, we gathered in our usual groups. Once again, it was me and the boys! (I later learned were Mike and Mike) I told one of them that I refer to them as "The Boys" in my blog. He told me he refers to me as "Fast Girl" in his log. Wow...I've been referred to as "The Fast Girl" before, but it has never had anything to do with running!! :-) (just kiddin' Mom!)

My effort was hard, but sustainable. I was breathing hard, but not killing myself. It was definitely a managed effort. I kept it at 3 repeats today because I'm only really training for a Half-Marathon right now and working on speed more than endurance. It's paying off.

Here were my results from last month on April 10th:

Repeat 1: 8:35 (old finish line: 8:15)
Repeat 2: 8:34 (old finish line: 8:13)
Repeat 3: 8:40 (old finish line 8:20)

Here were my results today on May 3rd:

Repeat 1: 8:24 (old finish line: 8:00) 6:45 min pace
Repeat 2: 8:19 (old finish line: 8:01) 6:41 min pace
Repeat 3: 8:18 (old finish line 8:01) 6:40 min pace

How bout that?!?!

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