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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Little Catching Up

I've been on a writing kick! There's just been so much going on and with the extra energy and adrenaline, I want to pour it into my journal.

But tonight, I want to do a little recap of the week's workouts so that I don't forget!

Monday 4/30
8 mile recovery jog with Thon and Richard in the Rain

"Corture" class in the afternoon. Adam said he wasn't going to be there on Wed. or next Monday. I think we all shouted a silent "Yoo-hah" as the workouts never seem to be as "epic" when he's not there.

Tuesday 5/1
A steady endurance swim of 2000m at Stacy Pool. It took 46 minutes, but I felt fantastic the whole time. No form fatigue whatsoever. Of course, I wasn't going for any speed either, just form and practice on bi-lateral breathing.

After that 2000m, I slapped on the fins and did 10 more laps to give my arms a little break.

Wednesday 5/2 I Turned a Trick!
Shawn inspired me to get up early today since he was heading to the gym by 5:30am. I managed to leave the house by 5:45am and be in the pool by 6:10am. I swam:
5 warmup laps
6 x 50 with paddles and pull buoy (getting faster with each 25)
Put the fins back on for 5 more laps of kicking drills

I left Stacy Pool at 6:40am and hopped in my car and headed directly to the gym for 7am spin class. I'm sure the people were wondering why it appeared that I had already taken a shower. My hair was still pretty darn wet! I'm not sure if I slacked off today or if I crossed a plateau this morning, but it didn't seem to kick my butt. I kept adjusting the knob to make it harder, but my lungs and legs kept adjusting to the subtle changes. Who's to say? It was still a wonderful 50 minutes of controlled aerobic activity and a great way to cross train.

And, of course, I went to Corture class tonight after work. Since Adam wasn't there, it was "People's Choice" so different people got to pick the various exercises. It's good because we added a lot more variety tonight than usual; jumping jacks, tricep dips, 8-count body builders, etc.. But, we didn't do nearly the amount of reps that we normally do. Even plank sets were kept to a minimum between 2:30-3:00min. While it didn't seem as difficult, I felt like I was doing the exercises correctly and not losing form like I normally do. Plus, my back, abs and hip flexors weren't giving me any hassle.

There's so much more exciting activity happening and I'll be writing about that soon! Wedding details, details, details!! Plus, I'm excited about my last race as a Sapp and a potential race in Ohio, which would be my first as a Barrett!! (Yes, we're thinking of doing a small 5 mile race on Memorial Day in Ohio two days after our wedding!) We don't leave for the honeymoon until Wednesday.

On a Side note: I must give serious love and props to my boy who has dropped 12lbs in a matter of a couple of weeks! This man has so much discipline. It seems as though we jokingly have our own challenge going on to see who can get the most physical activity in the day. I just couldn't bear to sleep in today knowing he was heading to the gym. Of course, boys lose weight so much faster than women which we HATE!

Another Side Note for Jane: I've posted some photos from last Friday's shower on the right hand side of the blog. I've worked in the media for years and this shower was a combination of friends from radio, TV and ad agencies around town (plus a token friend or two who escaped the media trap!) Needless to say, it was a trip down memory lane as evidenced by several of the embarrassing facial expressions represented in some of the photos.

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Deb said...

What an exciting time in your life... I am thrilled for you! Looking forward to following what's going on.

Damn those boys dropping the lb's so easy! How do they have it so luck??