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Monday, May 07, 2007

19 Days to the Wedding

Today was day two in Shawn's 26.2 miles in 13 days. His plan is to run 2 miles a day for the next 13 days. That way, he'll have run a marathon by the time we do our Half-Marathon in Dallas on May 20th! Ahhh...the beauty of mentally psyching yourself out.

I'll run with him when I can, but our schedules can be pretty erratic sometimes.

I slept in this morning after going to bed much later than usual last night. I went to Corture tonight and they didn't do the Physical Fitness test that I was dreading!! It was actually another "People's Choice" workout since Adam is still at the Wildflower Tri. We did an assortment of plank (both regular and side), various leg lifts and kicks, push-ups alternating between regular, wide grip and triangle, mountain climbers, 8-count body builders and more...all within a 45 minute span.

Shawn and I didn't even head over to the track until 9:45pm tonight, which is usually about the time I'm washing my face and brushing my teeth for bed. Thank God the track is literally across the street. Tonight's workout was similar to yesterday.

2.15 Miles Total
16:55 min Total
7:53 pace avg for workout including fast and slow laps

On the wedding front, all is well...My friend Lynn from Ohio is coming through with a cake knife! Party favors ordered, gifts ordered, tuxes fitted, dress ready to go, flowers ordered, music in iPod, cake lady ready to go, chocolate fountain all set...freaking craziness I tell ya!


Anonymous said...

doh. I would have come had I known... Oh well. I should be there on Wed.

Deb said...

Wow! Time REALLT flys when someone else is getting hitched! Nothing but fun ahead!