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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shake and Bake, Baby!

Did my Pace LAB Run this morning with Thon.

Each loop is 3.5 miles and we were running 3 loops today. The first loop was a total warmup lap and the last two were full-blown race simulator pace.

I'll go into more depth later, but the numbers say everything

Lap 1: 33:21 9:35 pace for warmup

Lap 2 and 3 combined: 48:31 for a 6:56 overall average pace for 7 miles!!!

yee haw, woo hoo and zipidee doo dah!

Here were the mile breakdowns for the 7 miles at pace:




6:50 (with a water stop included)




Looking at the last two splits, I'd say that the GPS must've had a glitch and evened itself out. I don't think we ran a 7:18 and I KNOW we weren't running a 6:11 either. It was probably somewhere in the middle for both miles.

Either way, the overall time doesn't change: 48:31 for 7 miles

6:56 per mile.

That means I definitely broke 28 minutes on a 4 mile tempo run and still managed to squeeze 3 more at a faster pace. Feels good...


Anonymous said...

You tricked me! That's not playing fair! But you didn't have the psychological ick factor of the tempo - so it doesn't actually count!

Deb said...

Wow!!!!That is fast! & it's almost time for the wedding bells to ring!