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Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to the Bloggin' Porch

Here you have it:

My first "official" post from the Bloggin' Porch in our house! For those that have been to mi casa, you know we have a second-story screened in porch right off of our Master Bedroom. It lets a breeze in, keeps the bugs out and is private enough to be able to chill in your robe (or less if so inclined). Since conception of house construction, I always envisioned this room being my morning coffee/blogging porch. It would be a great way to start the mornings with a little breeze, cup o joe and relaxation.

Over the weekend, we finally got around to buying a coffee pot for the porch and we were blessed this morning with a perfectly clear sunrise and mid-50's temps. Perfect for a little coffee and writing.

Right now, this neighborhood is synonomous with birds chirping, school buses humming, kids playing and hammers pounding. It's an established neighborhood, but one that is under a little makeover. Older homes being bought, remodeled and flipped. It's 8:30am and I hear hammers, saws and a radio blasting music that I can't understand. However, I also hear owls and squirrels in the branches of trees that surround this little oasis in the sky. The cat, of course, is buried underneath the comforter.

We were blessed with a gorgeous and action-packed weekend in Austin. I wasn't able to go see Presidential Hopeful Barrack Obama speak on Friday afternoon (even though he was stumping in a public park across the street from my work). However, I did get up at 6:30am on Sunday morning with a bunch of my friends to go watch another O-Bomb-a. They were imploding a half-constructed building in downtown Austin and I swear more people were milling around downtown on Sunday morning than there are on a Friday afternoon during rush hour! Austinites are nutty like that. That's why we love it. While most of us want peace and serenity in our lives, it's hard to deny that we all can't resist a little explosion and dynamite every now and then!

I guess that's life in general...a little peace followed by a few explosions.

Welcome to the Bloggin' Porch.


Thusday: 1000s on the track. I did 7 repeats between 4:10-4:23. I can and will go faster next time. This was my first time in several months to do 1000s, so I took it easy.

Friday: Aqua-jog and swim at Castle Hill. I went to Barton Springs that morning only to forget that it's closed for cleaning until March 10th. Still haven't timed a lap since my breakthrough a couple of weeks ago. I'm scared it was a fluke.

Saturday: 14 mile Scenic/Mt. Bonnell run. Oldie, but goodie (and toughie). 8:36 avg pace

Sunday: Shawn and I went for an hour-long bike ride in our hood and climbed some major hills...Scenic, Balcones, Mt. Barker, Pecos...It was short, but tough.

Today: slow easy run in the 'hood for about 50 minutes this morning. It was so amazingly gorgeous. Will swim after work.

12 WEEKS TO THE WEDDING. The official countdown is on.


Deb said...

wow...12 weeks to the 'I Do's'!!! I'll be praying for you both...this is such an exciting time in your life. Everything will be perfect!...and at the reception, party like there's no tomorrow!!!!!! ;)

Mike said...


So glad to hear you are utilizing the porch now for your bloggin'.