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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Trying to Maintain the Energy

The "Power Ballads Sing-a-Long" was just so absolutely hilarious! How else do you top a night of "Love Bites," "I Can't Fight this Feeling," "Sister Christian," "Faithfully,""Eternal Flame," "Heaven, " "November Rain," "You Give Love a Bad Name," "Time after Time," "When I See You Smile," "Sweet Child O' Mine," "All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You," and so much more!! They could've played these cheesy videos all night long and the whole crowd would've stayed and sang. It definitely didn't disappoint this dorky chick!

While I was in home and in bed by Midnight, a couple of others decided to stay out and keep drinking. Of course, it was no surprise to wake up to a missed text message from them left at 1:30am!!

I woke up Friday feeling fine, but tired. It was an exhaustion that I couldn't shake even to this minute. I feel ok, but slightly rundown this weekend. Like everytime I sit down for five minutes, I can easily doze off for a nap. I hope that's not a sign of things to come!

I took Friday off from exercise and was in bed by 10pm on Friday night. I woke up this morning and went for a 20 minute very slow jog on the Half-Marathon course. Later after breakfast at Mi Madres, I went to the gym and swam for about 30-35 minutes in the pools. I also did some ab work while I waited for a pool to free up. That helped my exhaustion as swimming always does. I always feel so refreshed after swimming. (except when I have a bike ride and run to do afterwards)

Shawn and I went to pick up our Half-Marathon Race Packets and now we're off to have an early dinner with some Gazelle friends!! Our Half-Marathon Goal?? We're going for somewhere between 1:50-1:55 and a new PR for Shawn.

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