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Friday, February 02, 2007

Off to Visit Old Man Winter for Two Days

Would somebody please remind me that I'm not officially training for anything at the moment?? Sure, I signed up for the AT&T Half Marathon on February 18th, but I'm not racing it or anything. I had some good solid workouts this week, all of which felt great and reminded me how much I love getting myself going before 7:00am.

Monday: Swim 30 minutes/Elyptical 30 minutes
Tuesday: Track workout with 1 mile warmup and 5 x 800m repeats/Core workout and Swim 45 minutes PM
Wednesday: Run 7+ miles
Thursday: Aqua jog 45 min and swim 1/2 mile
Friday: 9+ mile run

All this and I have a feeling that I botched it this week on the Weight Loss Challenge! I drank some wine a couple of nights this week and also had some heavier meals ( a couple included dessert). Oh yeah--Mother Nature has also descended upon me this week so I'm tending to her needs at the moment as well. You know when you just feel heavier?? That's how I feel at the moment.

I did get up this morning and meet Massage Therapist Julie for a 9 mile run in our neighborhood. I let her do the navigating and this is a chick that loves the hills! Of course, they're hard to avoid when you're running in and around the Tarrytown area. She's definitely more familiar with the twists and turns on some of the streets than I am, so I just ran alongside and let her tell us where to go. I was mainly in it to increase my long run mileage a little bit this week. Plus, I'm leaving for Columbus this afternoon and I wanted to get my long run under my belt before I head to the frozen tundra for two days to meet with photographers, cake people and potential reception places. I don't mind running in the cold, but the high is only supposed to be in the TEENS this weekend. If anyone ever asks why I don't live in Ohio anymore, that's a good enough reason for me. Sixty degrees in Texas on February 2nd or 13 degrees in Columbus?! I'll take 60 degrees anyday.


Richard said...

If only you could have waited until after breakfast. Missing the Superbowl is one thing, but missing tacos... ah, well. You do have some smashing routes available to you right now.

ps: Dessert rocks!

Cindy Jo said...

You are SO LUCKY to live in Austin. I've been trying to get my husband to relocate their for 5 years now. This time of year living in Michigan truly sucks!