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Thursday, February 08, 2007

There's Something In the Water

Oh my God. I just returned from my weekly excursion to Barton Springs where I aqua-jogged with Anne for a 1/2 mile (about 42 minutes) and then I proceeded to swim 2 1/2 laps afterward. I'm convinced that there's something wrong with my watch. My first full lap was a 9:15. Each full lap is .25 miles.

"You obviously started your watch late or cut the lap short," I thought.

Either way, I was a little dumbfounded that it was that fast--for me. Last week, I was coming in around the 10min mark.

I hit the watch again after swimming lap number 2. 9:05.

"Oh Hell No! Are you kidding"

Almost 40-60 seconds faster PER LAP than I've ever been.

Could the tide be turning?


Mike said...

You are the Aqua Jogging Queen!!!! YEAH!!!!

Deb said...

That is amazing! Cool to see results so quickly. I'm with Mike...you need a crown!