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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Power Ballad Endorphins!

Hope everyone had a relaxing Valentines Day. It sounds like a lot of people didn't have a choice with the weather around the country! I talked to my parents in Ohio and they're sitting under about 8-10 inches of snow at this moment. They said that lots of restaurants and flower shops had to close because the weather was so bad. How sad...While we're not buried under the white stuff in Texas, it has been cold by our standards! I started my run this morning at 28 degrees.

My boy and I had a quiet dinner at home. After spending almost every night in restaurants last year, it's good to fire up the oven and have a little control over what we eat. Of course, it was topped off by some Valentines Day Godiva Chocolate! Some things remain irresistable...

Our officially Valentines date is tonight with the gang. We're going to the Alamo Drafthouse to attend the "80's Rock Ballad Sing-a-Long." Oh...my...God. Expect everything from: "Turn around...Every now and then I get a little bit lonely that you're never coming 'round."


"Love Bites...Love Bleeds...It's bringing me to my knees!"


"I'm the one who wants to be with you. Deep inside I know you feel it to!"


"I'm forever yours....Faithfully"


"More than Words to show you feel that you're love for me is real."


"Love is a Battlefield"

Needless to say, the anticipation for this fun, kitschy evening started as soon as I bought tickets last week. Only problem? It starts at 9:45pm tonight!! I'm usually in bed about that time. Let's hope I can rally long enough for a little Bon Jovi and Foreigner. My God I'm a total cheeseball.

Looking forward to TEAM BARRETT at the ATT Half Marathon this Sunday. On Wednesday, I went to my Gazelle workout and did about 4 miles of fartlek running (15 min warmup, followed by 10 x 1min fast/1 min slow) Afterward, Shannon, Christina, Emily and I ran another 1/2 mile or so. I left there and headed to Castle Hill for a little swim workout. I was in there for about 40 minutes. It consisted of 15-20 minutes of straight swimming, followed by some fin interval work. I cranked up the current and did 10 x 1min swim/:30 sec recovery.

This morning, I started running with Julie at 5:30am under 3 layers of clothing. Fortunately, we shed some of that and met up with Thon and Mike at the Rock. I ended with about 8.75 miles this morning! I came home, cranked on the steam shower and stretched for about 20 minutes and did some core work (planks).

What a great start to a beautiful---COLD--morning!


greyhound said...

And don't forget the ever popular:


I think you should have to wear a mullet to gain admittance.

LoneStarCrank said...

Mullets rule! Carrie, please leave Pat Benatar and Flock of Seagulls off the iPod for Sunday's race, unless of course you're also wearing parachute pants.

Good luck Sunday.

Deb said...

Yikes..3 layers! I know what you mean about eating out and staying home. Hope you had fun with your gang!