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Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Unexpected Taper Week

Damn this training!! I swear I'm turning into one of those people that I hate...the type of person that complains all the time about not feeling good and being tired. I am in the throws of some heavy duty weeks (17-19hrs per week) and my body is letting me know it.

I felt great on Sunday when we had people over for the Superbowl after my 13 mile run. I woke up Monday morning feeling normal and had to attend an all-day conference. It was then that I started feeling bad...sneezing, sinus pressure, itchy eyes, sore throat. I had no idea if it was a cold or allergies so I took a little bit of everything when I came home and promptly fell asleep at 9:00pm after taking a Benadryl.

The alarm went off at 5:00am on Tuesday morning and my head felt like a Macy's Day Parade float. No swimming for me...Wednesday...same thing...even came home from work early. Don't ask me how or why, but I actually went to my Gazelle's running workout on Wednesday morning. We did 6x 800s with our usual 1.6 mile warm up and cool-down. I felt like crap the entire time. Thursday--no swim and no bike. While my sinuses are feeling better, my muscles are just achy. I wanted to spin in my house tonight, but just didn't have the energy. I've decided that this is just a much-needed rest week.

I've got a 100+ mile bike ride on Saturday and that's what I'm focusing on now. Mentally, I'm fine...actually glad for the break. Still 10 weeks out from the dance so it's no biggie.

The only numbers I have to report this week are the amount of pills I've been taking (insert poorly timed Heath Ledger joke here), the amount of Emergen-C I've been drinking and the amount of hours I've been sleeping.

Here's to a great weekend!

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