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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I don't know if this is funny or pathetic. If nothing else, this proves my sincere passion and determination for winning this competition and becoming a member of Team Evotri.

I'm sitting by the ocean in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the first thing I thought about this morning was logging on-line and checking to see if I made it to the Final Four! Well, it's officially Margarita time, because I'm in!!  

More information to follow, but for now, get geared up to vote one last time!  I really need your help and support starting NOW through this Friday, February 29th!

Send an email directly to vote@evotri.com and put CARRIE BARRETT-FINAL ROUND in the subject line.

Once again, tell all of your friends... because THIS is truly the vote that determines the winner!

...and now...time to go snorkeling :-)


tracie said...

email sent!

have a great time in Mexico!!! :)

crabby said...

Oh my, I do not know you and voted for you! hahahaha.
Someone sent me your blog link a month or so ago because I am training for my first Ironman.
We have several common friends here in Austin...
anyway, good luck and enjoy Cabo.
cheers, Cathy Bridge

Colleen Renee' said...

Email just went in....you are so gonna win!!