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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swim/Run Brick Day

Swim/Run Brick

Hit T3 Swim class this morning at 5:45am for a brutal/slow 2800m workout. Like yesterday, my form felt haggard and sloppy. Coach insists my form is looking good (well...better than before). I continue to be clueless on the lack of speed. It's continually self-defeating, but I vow to keep going back for more because I will have a serious breakthrough. I know it. Half the battle is just getting over the fear and perceived humiliation of being the slowest one. No one is pointing in my lane going, "Look at the slow chick!" Good God, they are there for the same reason I am there...to get better, faster and stronger. I will say that my arms were pretty sore this morning. I'm guessing it is in part due to my swim Monday morning and core workout Monday night that involved more push ups than I want to recount.

Feeling the need to redeem myself, I followed the swim workout up with a 7 mile run around Town Lake. Nothing fancy...just slapped on the ipod, started from home and did the Congress Loop. I expected to see no one at that hour, but ended up running into Coaches Gilbert and Bernard (they are everywhere), Katy and my friend Tonya. Now I know who is out and about at 8am! I started slow and did a progressive pick up. Total average for the run was an 8:46 pace. Slower than race pace, but faster than a typical "recovery" run.

Some know, but my work schedule has recently changed and I've officially started part-time at my job and I'm trying to hover around 30 hours a week. Now I'm free to go in a little later in the morning on most days. Yes, a lot of that translates specifically into more training time. It also means more time for my wifey duties like grocery shopping, cooking and bill paying :-) My goal is to get most of my workouts done in the morning so that I can still be present and accounted for to Shawn each evening. I don't want him to be "widowed" this early in our marriage, especially since he's been so supportive of this whole Ironman thingy. God knows, this man deserves the world and all he got was little 'ol me. Of course, the schedule change looks good on paper, but we'll see how it all transgresses as time passes.

On tap for Wednesday...Gazelle AM running workout, 1 hour bike ride, core class

On Thursday, I'll hit T3 Swim class again and then we're going to Shady Grove after work to check out the sounds of the amazing Kim Richey....brilliant, brilliant, brilliant singer/songwriter. I...can't...wait.


Deb said...

I's bet your man is well aware he has 'the world' in that 'little ol me' package! Good for you working out the part time thing and feeding your passions! Life is good!

Siren said...

That's so awesome about changing your hours - and you're obviously better about it than I am! When I started working from home I swore I'd take over the majority of the household duties since I could, ya know, theoretically throw in a load of laundry or whatever between business calls. But so far the only thing I've done differently is taken up loooots more time for training (while not widowing him from 7-10 pm 3 nights a week).