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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Always a Topper

It didn't take long to be humbled while I was driving to Runtex this morning at 5:35am feeling like a hard-core runner for being up so early.

#1 The O-Henry Track and adjacent street by my house were already packed with cars and runners who were warming up by moonlight. There must've been 15 cars lining the street and every bit that amount of people already on the track.

#2 Next Stop-The light at Lake Austin Blvd. by Runtex 5:39am. Again, this Runtex is normally deserted (well, always), but there was a gaggle of fit looking people standing around the entrance looking like they were waiting for instruction. While I was eating my Balance Bar heading to the Main Runtex, I thought to myself, "I'll give you some instruction. Go home and get some sleep!" And then I realized I was just projecting my own thoughts and feelings on those health-conscience freaks. I plowed on still feeling good about myself, but less unique in this town of overachievers.

#3 Gazelle Workout 5:45am -Elites, Beginners, Pro Athletes, Moms, Dads, kids...they are all represented in the various Gazelle groups that were meeting at Runtex this morning for their appointed workouts. I headed to the track where we did another unique ladder workout, which I'll recap at the bottom.

#4 Austin High Track- 6:00am No less than 3 different running groups were on the track this morning attempting to politely share the lanes. It's hard to be polite sometimes when you can barely see what or who is in front of you. I saw Carmen's Troncasso's athletes, Team in Training and, of course, our groups. Maybe I'm not so hard-core afterall.

#5 As we're running our workout, we humorously pointed out two triathlete females who had set up their trainers on the side of the track and were spinning fast and furiously in the aero position on their bikes. It was still too dark to be on the roads and they obviously needed some saddle time so, by God, they rode at least as long as we were out there if not more. Awesome!

#6 Corture Class tonight-I'm always amazed at how many people show up for this FREE workout session at 5:45pm twice a week. This is definitely one of those "going above and beyond" kinda workouts. Tonight was ironic in that our coach Pat had to leave and basically left us with instruction and we actually followed it set for set...Remember in high school when the sub teacher would show up and you would just goof off? This is how I know I'm old and committed. We actually conducted the workout with no coach and even when it started pouring down rain. Some left, but Shannon and I continued our partners ab workout under the downpour. Without her there, I totally would've bailed. She's also responsible for getting me to do 15 aided pull-ups at the end of class. Thanks Shannon!!

All of these observations confirmed that there's always a topper! Someone who will always go one step above.

Speaking of, here is a recap of the last couple of days:

Tuesday AM: T3 Swim class from 5:45am-7:15am followed by a bike ride from 7:30am-9:00am on the new Guru (still nameless although I love the suggestions!) The bike rode amazingly well and fits me superbly. Unfortunately, because of lack of proper morning nutrition, I was still starting to bonk a little at the end. It was a tough 22 miles leaving Lost Creek and heading up 360 to 183 and back. Lots of hills and rush hour traffic.

Wednesday AM: Gazelles Ladder Track Workout: 2000s, 1000s, and 400s on Track
Lined up with Frank, Anne, Amy, Rachel, Brian and others for this group effort. It was long and tough, but it was a good one! Despite my utter exhaustion, my running seems to be right on target and is definitely the confidence booster on most days.
2000: 8:52
1000s: 4:19, 4:17, 4:19, 4:15
400s: 1:34, 1:32, 1:31: 1:28

Even though I'm not officially training for a Fall Marathon, I still completed the workout in it's entirety to help build endurance and pain threshold. I know I'll need it.

So, yeah, there's always a topper. Someone who always has to go beyond. At least a lot of times it's me.

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