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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Silly Rabbit...Trix are For Triathletes

Two Workouts = Brick
Three Workouts = Trick


1000s at Zilker Park
Today was quite the crazy day and a good test of my new work/training schedule. It started with our Gazelle workout this morning. Thon came by the house and we did our 2.5 mile warmup from my house to Zilker starting at 5:45am. I'm so excited that Thon is ramping up again. His schedule has been crazy and he just realized today that he really hasn't worked out steadily with Gazelles in 5 months! Needless to say, today's workout was a nice swift kick in the shorts and I hope he is able to remain consistent. More than anything, I love having the company for workouts. Can you say, "accountability?"
It was a new variation today on the north side of Zilker park.
1x4000, 1x2000, 3-4x1000
From the get-go, Thonster said he was blowing it out on the first one. Sounding somewhat bitchy and condescending (I'm sure), I told him that I was opting for the more conservative approach today. My goal was to actually complete the entire workout feeling strong.
4000 = 17:14 (6:56 pace) I forgot to hit lap button so I'm going by memory on that one. Waiting on an email from Coach to tell me.
2000 = 8:10 (6:34 pace)
1000 = 4:06 (6:35 pace)
1000 = 4:03 (6:31 pace)
1000 = 4:00 (6:26)
Bingo... That was about 7.5 miles of speedwork today. That, combined with 5 miles of warm up/cool down put me at about 12.5 miles for the morning. My running game is on right now.
Next up: 1:30 bicycle ride at 4pm. I wanted to remain near downtown for my bike ride so that I could make it back in time for Corture class. So, I started my ride on Barton Springs Rd and actually found myself back on the north side of Zilker park on the exact same road I had run 11 hours earlier. This time, I was doing some short sprints of speed on my bike. After 15 minutes or so of riding back and forth, I headed out down the Mopac frontage and then north on 360 up to Bee Caves. It certainly wasn't a fast ride because it was nearing rush hour and I hit plenty of lights along the way. However, it was a good ride to work on starting/stopping, climbing and sprinting. My legs were definitely feeling toasted from the morning's run, but I wasn't miserable either...just conscious of some tightness and IT Band soreness.
I made it back just in time for Corture class at Jack and Adams. Pat Evoe led us through 45minutes of plank, abs, glutes, pull-ups, push-ups and other strength building exercises.
Hitting bed in just a few minutes. I'm definitely beat!!

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