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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fila Relays Set for Friday Night

I just finished reading “Duel in the Sun” by John Brant. It’s the dramatic story of the Famous 1982 Boston Marathon that essentially became a battle to the finish between two men: Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar. As a distance running fanatic, I was inspired by this eye-opening book about overcoming obstacles, perseverance and rising to challenges when you honestly feel like you have nothing left. Both men did this on the course that day and in the ensuing years that followed as they both battled their own “life marathons.” While parts of it were slightly overdramatic, it was the lessons within the pages that resounded with me…hard work, determination, honesty, passion, confidence and humility.

This Friday night at the Fila Relays, I have a feeling I’ll be experiencing all of the above as I gut out 2.5 miles as fast as I can as part of “Team America” -Thon, Shawn, myself and Amy. The Fila Relays are a relatively new event in Austin which has basically become a competition between various running groups in town. Teams of four all run a gut-wrenching 2.5 miles at 6:30pm in the August heat. Obviously, the teams with the fastest times win. I’ve not done this race before, but have heard that it’s a blast even amidst the heat and pain of sprinting 2.5 miles. This is like a tempo run on crack with beer and tacos at the end!! While there will definitely be an air of competition on the course, the prevailing feeling will be more of community and passion for the sport of running. I’ll be running as a Gazelle, but some of my T3 teammates will also be out there.

One of the coolest parts? We all get to run by the Dick Beardsley Foundation Waterstop and grab some hydration from one of the greats who I just read about in “Duel in the Sun.” How inspiring is that?! I know I’ll experience hard work, determination, honesty, passion and confidence as I mentioned above….Let’s just hope I don’t learn too much about humility in those 2.5 miles!

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