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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Solid Weekend and My New Bundle of Joy has Arrived!!

Before I even recap this weekend's workouts, let me just say the THE BEAUTY THAT IS THE NEW GURU IS IN MY POSSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photo and naming coming soon...

But first, a rundown of the weekend:

3000m swim in the pool for about 1:00hr. I wore fins the entire time to work on hip rotation and really focus on the lat muscles for the pull. Trying to build some muscle memory.

18 Mile Run with Thon and Amy. The humidity was a terror, but we all managed to finish strong and with some dignity. We started around 5:15a.m. so that we could meet Richard, Stephanie and the gang for breakfast tacos before they headed to the airport for Paris, France. Seriously...Can you believe that?? They are about to hop a plane for Paris and they wanted their last meal to be a breakfast taco at a greasy Mexican Restaurant on Austin's East Side. Gotta love it. I obviously do because my ass was out of bed extra early so that I could meet them!
Total running time was about 2:47 or so and our average pace for the run was 9:00ish. I didn't wear my Garmin so I don't know for sure. Because we ran off the trail, we had to stop at convenient stores along the way to stay hydrated. A bit of an inconvenience when some weren't actually open, but they have bathrooms so I forgive them.

56-Mile Ride with Katy. For the 2nd week in a row, we tackled the Longhorn Tri loop. Mentally, it's getting easier since I now know where the bad roads are, where the climbs are and where I can push it. I hope to feel totally prepared for this race on October 7th and cruise this course around 3:00hrs. It is truly a tough one and I recommend everyone getting out there and riding it before.

The main difference between last week and today was that we rode without stopping. Both of us carried enough water to just ride on through. Our overall time was 5 minutes slower this week for a 3:16 (16.7 mph avg), but we had a lot higher winds to fend off today and we didn't have the "breaks" we had the week before. Katy was starting to fade with about 8 miles left, but finished like a freaking trooper. It's all about hydration for her and she just needed more water. Overall, the time difference was negligible and I felt strong from start to finish. Katy was testing a QR Caliente masterpiece and was loving it!!! Let's just say she loved it so much that when I went to Jack and Adam's to pick up the new love of my life, she was running her credit card and taking home the new love of hers!!! I don't know what an average Sunday is for Jack and Adam's bike shop, but I know they totally BANKED on our purchases!

After the ride, I proceeded to embark on a 30 minute run of fthe bike. It was totally getting blistering hot, but my legs were feeling great. (Shocking after an 18 mile run the day before) I even took off my jersey and did the tri shorts/sports bra look. It's not a look I'm comfortable with, but didn't much care at that point.
I ended up running 3.27 miles for an avg pace of 9:12. Good solid training effort as I was actually picking up the speed throughout the run. I contemplated running longer, but played it smart for a change!

Can't wait to ride the new MACHINE!!!!

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