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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where Did That Come From???

I thought I was getting sick (sore throat, couch, headaches, lethargy--you know, the usual), but someone mentioned possible allergies. Perhaps that would explain why my head and body have been in a fog and I woke up in the middle of the night with a sinus headache so bad that my damn teeth hurt. Seriously, that never happens. Whoah. Fortunately, I slept most of it off and woke up to an utterly perfect day in Austin.

Hubster was post-call so we meandered over to Barton Springs for a 2000m open water fiesta. My lap times are about 15-20 faster than they were about a year ago. Yay me. Now, I'm just average with a little pep in my stroke.

Afterward, I went for a seven mile run around Town Lake starting from the house. I focused primarily on stride rate. 90 steps per minute/per foot. I'll be damned if my pace didn't have a little kick today.
Mile 1 8:32
Mile 2 7:50
Mile 3 7:47
Mile 4 8:01
Mile 5 7:50
Mile 6 7:52
Mile 7 was basically a cool down/shuffle back home because my right leg was in a fair amount of pain. The last tempo mile felt like someone was grabbing my hip, psoas and quad...with their claws. Just no lift whatsoever towards the end.  My form was feeling and sounding hideous. Once I stop, however, I'm able to flush it out and loosen it up a bit and the burning sensation subsides (ewwww...)

It was definitely my fastest effort in a long while which makes me smile! I just wish I could sustain it.

Topped it all off with an afternoon of Bikram (which I'm convinced stands for, "sweaty ass").

Not sure what any of this means for next week's Oceanside 70.3 (audible gasp and laugh). Yep, that's right...I have a freakin' Half-Ironman in a week. I'll either have the race of a lifetime because I'm undertrained or I'll be using a cane for the run portion. Let the fun begin!!


Noell Blevins said...

oh Carrie!!! 70.3 next week??? Damn girl. I was in SO much pain I could barely walk for months before my hip surgery(s). Or sit. Or stand. Or get in my car.
To answer your question....my psoas was released because it scarred down after my 2nd hip surgery. I had NO extension. None. I had constant pain in my thigh due to psoas strain. It had been going on for months. After 2 injections failed to relieve the problem a release was the only option. When Dr. P got in there he said there was no way this thing would have ever come done on it's own.
Good luck GF!!!!

Coach Liz said...

Dang that race snuck up fast. I hope that you have very little or at least bearable discomfort that will allow you to finish feeling good about your effort. Please take pictures in your neoprene cap with the chin strap!


bpytri said...

Yep, these March tris come up fast!!

Good luck to you on your race. I hope the adrenaline kills all pain :-)