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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Look out Tucson, Here We Come!

Leaving for Tucson to attend my USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification classes this weekend and I can't wait. In between classroom time learning about nutrition, periodization, and signs of overtraining, Hubster and I are renting a couple of bikes and hope to ride a portion of the infamous Mt. Lemmon, along with other riding and running routes known to many in the world of multisport.

Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll actually practice what I get to preach!

Coach Carrie does have a nice ring to it. 


plain-jane said...

Fatcyclist's climb up Mount Lemmon with the Shack: http://www.fatcyclist.com/2009/12/18/riding-with-the-shack-the-riding-video/

Noell Blevins said...

Have a great time!!!!

amybee said...

Congrats! I think you will be a fabulous coach!

CoachLiz said...

The climb up Mt. Lemmon is a kick in the pants and a kick in the teeth! Be sure to have plenty of warm gear because it is COLD at the top and the ride down will freeze your fingers, toes, and nose off.

Have a great time at your USAT Coaching Certification weekend and when they hand you the test at the end just pause and take a few deep breaths. It is a take home test but when you first get it your stomach kinda bottoms out. You will do great!

ShirleyPerly said...

Have fun in Tucson!!

I didn't get to ride up Mt Lemmon last year when we were there getting fit for bikes but loved riding in Tucson in general. Lots of cyclists everywhere.

Anonymous said...

enjoy the seminar.....and the ride...