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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dashing through the Snow...(or Wind)

I had to run 15 miles on Sunday. That's what the training schedule mandated. With the Columbus, Ohio forecast calling for falling temps throughout the day and wind gusts up to 40 mph, I was none to thrilled about the prospect. Still, armed with plenty of warm running gear and my husband, my brother and one of my best friends Karl, I knew we would get it done.

We met at my brother's house in Bexley and started our run on the newly opened portion of the wonderfully paved Three Creeks Trail. Karl was the only one who promised to "go the distance" with me. Ted and Shawn were thinking 9-10 miles at most.

After 2 hrs 17 min of running, Shawn had run farther than he had EVER run before, my brother had clocked more distance than he had in...well...a long time, and Karl chalked it up to another training run in his long career that spans of 70 marathons.

Over 14 1/2 miles at about a 9:26 overall pace. Not bad for the wind gusts and ZERO water stops we had along the route. (The trail is awesome, but they need some water fountains!)
They said I inspire them. I think it's the other way around. Either way, I was happy to have the company for the entire out and back.

We celebrated by scarfing down some Donatos Pizza and playing Wii all afternoon with my nieces, Caroline, Abbie and Claire (my fellow "team hoodie" chick).

Great start to a short trip filled with food, drink and family!


triguyjt said...

happy holidays...merry christmas...nothing like long runs in good old c-bus. nice.
did you see that the buckeyes and lsu tigers all get wii video systems.
life is a beech, aint it.

buckeye92 said...

Carrie - I enjoyed the 15 miler...at least the first 14 miles of it. Thanks for pushing me.

I will show your post to Caroline, Abbie, and Claire. They will enjoy seeing their names on the Internet.