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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vocabulary Lesson for the Day

Quick Blogger Update from Yesterday:

I hated the fact that I didn't do the Wilke Workout yesterday morning, so I went to the Gazelle Afternoon class and did 5 Wilke forward repeats, 3 Backwards and 3 Sprints. Nothing major--just a little makeup from the morning. I had to bail by 6:30p to head to a dinner.

Swim in the AM/Wilke Hill Repeats in the PM

New Training Vocabulary:

I've added two new words to my training vocabulary since yesterday.

This is the new name that I've given to the Mon/Wed Jack and Adam's Core Class. Simply put, it is torture for the core. An hour of plank poses, leg lifts, push ups, mountain climbers and more. Plus, Adam acts as drill sargeant for the hour with little slack or forgiveness. It's the class that finds you asking yourself, "Why am I here?" Why? Because it makes you feel like a bad-ass., that's why.

Used in a sentence: "I'd love to go to Happy Hour with you, but I've got corture tonight."

2.) "TRICK"
In the sport of triathlon, often times you put together a back-to-back workout, such as a bike followed by a run or a swim followed by a bike ride. Those double efforts are called "bricks." This morning when Thon and I were running our 6.5 mile run, I told him that I was going to hit 7:00am spin class at the gym and that I was also going to go to corture class after work. (see how I already used it casually in a sentence?) His reply was something like, "My God Girl, you don't do bricks anymore. Now, you're doing tricks!"

And just like that, another new word was added to my vocabulary!

Improper or Misunderstood Use in a Sentence: "My fiance has to work late tonight so I'm going to turn some tricks."

I don't recommend wording like that necessarily. Bad things may happen. Perhaps a better way is to say something like:

"My fiance has to work late tonight so I'm going to do a trick workout...run and spin in the morning and corture in the afternoon."

Feel free to incorporate these in your vernacular. It doesn't necessarily have to be tri-related. For instance, if you have multiple children, you can still pull a trick.

"I've got to take one kid to ballet, the other to soccer and then I'm going to go for a walk." That, my child-bearing friends, is a trick in my book. It's a workout I couldn't even begin to fathom.

Happy Training!

5:45am-6:45am 6.5 mile Run Recovery Pace
7:00am-7:55am Spin Class
5:45p-6:30p Corture

On deck for Thursday morning...1200m repeats on the track.
Saturday--Pace Run at Half Marathon Goal Pace
Sat/Sun--long bike ride, long swim


Anonymous said...

Hehe. Thonster

LoneStarCrank said...

Safe to say if you have three children you've already been turning a few tricks..